Some Facts about Gun Control

Some Facts about Gun Control

Common sense is defined by Merriam-Webster as,
“sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the
situation or facts.”
Fact: Criminals do not obey laws.
Fact: Criminals fear guns in the hands of law abiding citizens.
Fact: There is less crime in areas where home owners have guns.
Fact: Crazies who wish to commit mass murder seek out “Gun Free” zones.
Common sense solution: Have no “Gun Free” zones.
Fact: Common sense is hard to find in Liberals
Fact: ALL laws banning guns are unconstitutional.

Kennesaw, Ga. once again was in the news on May 1, 1982, when the city
unanimously passed a law requiring “every head of household to maintain a
firearm together with ammunition.” After passage of the law,
the burglary rate in Kennesaw declined and even today, the City has the
lowest crime rate in Cobb County.
In fact, from 1982 through 2009, Kennesaw had been nearly murder free with one murder by gun occurring in 2007.
There were three murders in 2010 committed by the same man in what is
described as a “school safety zone,” an area extending 1,000 feet from
any school, including adult colleges and technical schools. This means
that even though Kennesaw has the most liberal gun laws in the United
States, employees at the facility where the murders were committed could
not have a gun on the premises

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