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A case for revolution

 By Klaus Rohrich

Declaration of IndependenceFollowing the Democrats’
undemocratic passage of Obamacare, a number of Americans decided to take
their anger and disappointment to the next level.  Members of Congress,
both Democrats and Republican, received threats, had office windows
broken and one Republican even had a bullet fired through his window.

Never failing to grasp an opportunity for political gain, no matter
how tenuous, Democrat functionaries blamed Republicans and their
“shadowy right wing supporters” for all the violence, despite the fact
that members of both sides were on the receiving end.  And like a
trained poodle, House Minority Leader John Boehner condemned the


Repeal! Renew!

 By Alan Caruba

The salvation of America now depends on forcing President Barack
Obama to resign, repealing the appalling healthcare bill that is now the
law of the land, and renewing a full measure of financial prudence to
the conduct of the nation’s public affairs and obligations.


Organizing Project Is Newest ACORN Spinoff Group

 By Matthew Vadum

imageAn inside ACORN
source has just confirmed this to me: the Texas chapter of ACORN has
pretended to break off from the national group and has incorporated
itself under the name Texas Organizing Project.

You read it here first.

Here’s a helpful chart I made:



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Discovery Announcement ~ The densest element in the known Universe has been found!







A major research institution has just
announced the discovery of
the densest element yet known to science.  The new element has been
Pelosium.  Pelosium has one neutron, 12 assistant neutrons, 75 deputy
neutrons, and 224 assistant deputy neutrons, giving it an atomic mass of 311.
These particles are held together by dark forces called morons, which
surrounded by vast quantities of lepton-like particles called peons. The
of Pelosium is PU. Pelosium’s mass actually increases over time, as
randomly interact with various elements in the atmosphere and become
deputy neutrons within the Pelosium molecule, leading to the formation
isodopes. This characteristic of moron-promotion leads some scientists
believe that Pelosium is formed whenever morons reach a certain quantity
concentration.  This hypothetical quantity is referred to as Critical
Morass. When catalyzed with money, Pelosium activates CNNadnausium, an
that radiates orders of
more energy, albeit as incoherent noise,
since it has half as many peons but twice as many morons as Pelosium.

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The Obama Drilling Deception

Hussein Obama apparently thinks the American people aren’t intelligent
enough to go learn the facts; thanks to Michelle Malkin for helping
expose this Obama Drilling Deception.

This is particularly disturbing as it is a clear and present danger to
the National Security of the United States of America. There isn’t a
shred of truth to the notion that Obama is opening things up. This is
outrageous, but more importantly, it further restricts our economy, our
national security, and it further strangles energy-rich states to the
brink of death.

Thank goodness for the 10th Amendment! I suppose I never doubted this
day would come, but it sure crept up on us! In the spring of 2006, I
wouldn’t have dreamed we’d be where we are now. Not this fast.

Boy, was I wrong!

Barack Hussein Obama is a traitor and should be impeached IMMEDIATELY,
but since the Democrats control the Senate, that can’t happen…yet.


It may sound impossible, but ANYTHING is possible with God on our side!

your neighborhood. Please talk to your friends, neighbors, relatives,
co-workers, church congregation members, etc. and INVITE THEM to join us. Get them to read The 5,000 Year Leap. Get them to read A Patriot’s History of the United States. Same with Glenn Beck’s Common Sense. And
don’t forget The Real George Washington, Liberal
, and the other books Glenn has recommended.

organized LOCALLY, YOU must organize YOUR voting precinct. It’s up to
YOU to ensure the election isn’t stolen at YOUR PRECINCT BALLOT

Here’s the story:

pipelines and pipedreams: Obama’s drilling deception

By Michelle
Malkin  •  March 31, 2010 11:26 AM

He was against it:

Before he was for it:

The Obama administration is proposing to open vast
expanses of water along the Atlantic coastline, the eastern Gulf of
Mexico and the north coast of Alaska to oil and natural gas drilling,
much of it for the first time, officials said Tuesday.

The proposal — a compromise that will please oil
companies and domestic drilling advocates but anger some residents of
affected states and many environmental organizations — would end a
longstanding moratorium on oil exploration along the East Coast from the
northern tip of Delaware to the central coast of Florida, covering 167
million acres of ocean.

If this were a sincere change of heart and an
honest, stand-alone effort to wean America off foreign oil, it would be
worth heralding.

But as always with this administration, there’s a catch, via the American Energy

“One major flashpoint in the negotiations has been
whether to share drilling revenue with states and to allow states to opt
in or out of drilling along their coastlines. It was unclear late
Tuesday whether Obama endorses revenue-sharing for states. “It appears
the Northern Atlantic and entire Pacific Coast will now be under a de
facto ban” for drilling, said Patrick Creighton, a spokesman for the
Institute for Energy Research. Even if drilling is ultimately allowed in
part of the Atlantic, Creighton said, revenue sharing is an essential
incentive for states. The administration’s plans could meet resistance
from at least 10 Senate Democrats representing coastal and Great Lakes
states who last week raised concerns about “unfettered access to oil and
gas drilling” that could jeopardize fishing, tourism and military
exercises. The Interior Department retooled the current schedule of
offshore leases governing 2007 through 2012 after a federal appeals
court last April ruled that the second Bush administration had not done a
sufficient environmental review of expanded drilling off the Alaskan

GOP Rep. Mike Pence adds:

“As usual the devil is in the details. Only in
Washington, D.C., can you ban more areas to oil and gas exploration than
you open up, delay the date of your new leases and claim you’re going
to increase production.

“The President’s announcement today is a
smokescreen. It will almost certainly delay any new offshore exploration
until at least 2012 and include only a fraction of the offshore
resources that the previous Administration included in its plan.

“Unfortunately, this is yet another feeble attempt
to gain votes for the President’s national energy tax bill that is
languishing in the Senate. At the end of the day this Administration’s
energy plan is simple: increase the cost of energy on every family in
America and trade American jobs oversees at a time when millions of
Americans are looking for work.”



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Obama To Take Over Control of College Textbooks?

Blessing In Disguise for the Democrat Party Demise

 By Lisa Richards
and His Healthcare Bill:


To Take Over Control of College Textbooks?

 By Warner Todd Huston
Textbook Act, Take control of the pricing and availability of the text

Democrats commit hate crimes against black Republicans

 By Frances Rice
the Democratic Party’s 150-year record of racist rhetoric and racial

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Most of the world is laughing at our current nation’s leadership.

cartoon originated nearly 3 months ago
Scotland .  It looks like most of the
is laughing at our current nation’s


In the
washroom in the

saw this
one of
push button and


nothing like "hot air" and the smell

crap to give you that true Obama presence!!!!

when Ronald Reagan was
president, we also had Bob
 and Johnny

we have Obama and no hope and no

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The Socialist Propaganda Is Coming From all Angles

From the Desk of:
David Martin, Executive Vice President



Last week we told you the so-called “news media’s” latest role is to
campaign and propagandize ObamaCare with hopes of selling it to the American people

This weekend network news organizations stepped up attacks on
Tea Party patriots. Washington Post writer Colby King, an African American,
suggested they were descendants of George Wallace and David Duke

“Those were the faces I saw at a David Duke rally in Metairie, LA, in
1991: sullen with resentment, wallowing in victimhood, then exploding
with yells of excitement as the ex-Klansman and Republican gubernatorial
spewed vitriolic white-power rhetoric.”

Sarah Palin, a
favorite target of the leftist media is also under intense assault, as
the media attempt to marginalize, smear and condemn her alleging she is,
“inciting violence” and “stoking racism.”

During a report on the Tea Party movement, CNN put “INCITING
VIOLENCE?” on the screen under video of Palin while a panel eagerly
agreed that the President’s political opponents are indeed inciting
violence and are motivated by hatred and racism!

But some have had enough of the liberal media’s bashing.

Conservative talk show hostess Laura Ingraham during a Monday appearance on
The Today Show,
charged Matt Lauer
of bias after a setup piece rhetorically asked if Palin gets “people too
riled up?”

Ingraham responded, “How do you go from Sarah Palin giving a speech
to saying did she rile up the people too much and then talk about death threats?
I think that kind of reporting, really is what drives people crazy
about the dinosaur media.”

When Lauer asked if there was too much “vitriol” and “intimidation”
from both sides, Ingraham refused to back down, charging that MSNBC is the one stoking
that vitriol. “We have people on your cable channel saying really
hateful things about conservative commentators and politicians.”

Ingraham is right, and the MRC has the proof.

Instead of truthful, insightful, responsible reporting we are being
force-fed liberal propaganda like this one from the CBS Early Show
co-host Maggie Rodriguez,
who gleefully remarked that Democrats rescued health care reform from “death’s door.”

What! Are you kidding me?

Forget about the will of the American people… Forget about the fact
that the majority of Americans didn’t want or support a government
takeover of their health care and would have preferred to see ObamaCare
pass through death’s door.

Marion, this is what you and I are up against – a political
poisoning of the public.

The left-wing media are denigrating Americans who are exercising
their First Amendment rights to speak out against this socialist
takeover of one-sixth of our nation’s economy while extolling the heroic
virtues of Obama, Reid, Pelosi
and their leftist cohorts…

And it’s expected to get dramatically worse in the days ahead.

The MRC has learned that far-left groups are now aggressively
pumping millions into television advertising –aimed at misleading the
public into believing that socialized health care is in fact good for
our nation.

The socialist propaganda is literally coming at Americans from
every angle, and groups like the MRC are literally the last line of
defense against the media’s aggressive push to reshape our nation and
our way of life!

+ + Next 30 Days Are Critical in Defending our Liberty

Brent is urging ALL members of our MRC Action to answer his call to
meet this blistering leftist campaign head-on – exposing and
neutralizing it before it can brainwash millions of Americans and
forever alter the course of our great nation.

The next 30 days are critical to our efforts. That’s why we are
counting on you to respond quickly – making your best tax-deductible
gift right now to help the MRC respond to these and other radical
assaults against conservatives.

Click here to answer Brent’s
call to action

Together we can work to neutralize their
hate-filled rhetoric with truth … but it is critical that you respond
right now by
clicking here.

We are so grateful to have such a proactive team
of grassroots patriots who are standing with us in defense of our


The best way to neutralize the leftist’s message is by communicating
the truth. After taking action with the MRC, forward this message to
your friends urging them to take action with you by clicking
as well.

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Obamacare is just the beginning of a total take over of America

Once a socialist/communist dictator gets into power, like terminal
cancer he and his administration smother and take control of every
aspect of the economy, educational system, health care system and


By Dr. Laurie Roth  Tuesday, March 30, 2010

America must not and will not become like the seduced German people
in 1933.  We will not stand by and watch Obama turn our country into
Frankenstein’s laboratory,  shredding our constitution,  bill of rights
and freedom as Hitler did with his country.

and Dictators are predictably similar in how they take over.  They
ride in as the savior of change and hope.  They offer health care,  jobs
for all,  a refreshed national identity and protection from danger and
harm….that is danger and harm they usually create to blame on
enemies… know those groups who didn’t vote for them.  The rope
circles around the seduced neck of the people only after the dictator
bribes his way in or gets voted in. 

One thing is for sure looking at recent history.  Once a
socialist/communist dictator gets into power,  like terminal cancer, he
and his administration smother and take control of every aspect of the
economy,  educational system,  health care system and military.  They
shred and control media, entertainment and religion.

In 1919,  Lenin wrote after his takeover of Russia that the way to
control a country is to first take over the industry,  the land,  and
the banks.  Lenin tricked and inspired millions and so did Hitler. 
These dictators didn’t come in appearing like monsters.  They were the
messiahs of change and hope.  Their exhaustive plans involved developing
a huge and seduced ‘fan’ base at first while aggressively and quickly
finding and destroying anyone against them.

Kitty Werthmann
was living in Austria when Hitler took over Germany
next door.  She recalls how deeply depressed Austria was in 1938. 
Nearly one-third of their workforce was unemployed.  They had 25%
inflation and 25% interest rates on bank loans.

People were begging for food and bankruptcies were happening daily. 
Austria was in a mess so they were thrilled when Hitler promised big
things and was elected into power.  There was no talk of persecuting or
attacking the Jews.  The Austrians were promised jobs,  healthcare,
protection and recovery.

Kitty said that after the election was over there was instantly law
and order.  German officials were appointed everywhere and there was
dancing in the streets.  Though Austria was largely a Catholic country,
suddenly in schools everywhere,  all Catholic symbols and crosses were
taken down and pictures of Hitler were put up everywhere.

Hitler targeted and controlled education and stopped religious
instruction for kids in schools.  The new church for the children of
Austria and Germany was still every Sunday, but it now was forced
attendance at the National Youth Day.  The first two hours was political
indoctrination every Sunday, then the rest of the day they played all
kinds of sports.  Naturally, the equipment was free.  Children went home
thrilled each Sunday and were getting brainwashed.  Parents had no
choice but to send their children each Sunday or else be fined or taken
to jail. 

Hitler immediately introduced socialist health care.  People were
going to the hospital for everything now,  lines were huge and doctors
were paid a salary by the Government.  The Austrians soon paid 80% of
their income in taxes.  Government gave loans for the newly married, 
and took care of everything from day care needs to paying all College

As the noose tightened around education,  religion,  healthcare and
enforcement,  the ‘mercy killings’ started in.  Kitty,  then a student
teacher in a small village in the Alps,  described 15 mentally retarded
adults who were known in the community and did good manual work.  One
day they were rounded up and taken to an institution where the State
Health Department would teach them a trade and various skills.  Their
families where forced to sign papers saying that they wouldn’t visit
them for 6 months.  They were told that any visits could cause
homesickness and disrupt the program. 

The letters started arriving back to the parents after several months
saying these people had died natural deaths.  Of course, they all knew
15 completely healthy adults could not six months later have all died
natural deaths.  They knew they were killed.  Euthanasia started to
become more common as Hitler’s real world view of perfection started to
come out.

Hitler’s final control step of the Germans and Austrians was Gun laws
and control.  He started with gun registration.  Once that was done, he
said that guns were causing too much crime and that it was best for all
to turn in their guns.  They knew that authorities already knew who
owned what so they complied.

When you look at Hitler,  Saul Alinsky,  Stalin,  Lenin,  Chavez,
Castro and others,  you see huge similarities with the strategy and
world view of Obama.  It is the same, promise of health care, jobs and
opportunities.  There is always a contrived crises or two the big
Government has to magically solve,  while blaming the enemies they want
to create. 

Obama is on the same control and dictatorship path as Hitler.  First
we saw the massive seduction over 15 months; now the controls and
intimidation grow with his administration. 

This Health care bill might as well have been Hitler’s Enabling Act
of March 23rd,  1933.  It also shreds our constitution and forces
socialized health care on the people, rationing care for the unwanted
and expensive seniors as they age, and forcing us all to pay for the
Government slaughter of babies;  abortion.  This bill, run by the IRS,
might as well be the Nazi party, as it encourages euthanasia, abortion
and rationed care as Hitler did early on in Austria and Germany. 

Rep.  Burgess stated the obvious about this nightmare bill when asked
about the use of the ‘Commerce clause’  excusing forced mandates by the
Government.  In a 
interview Rep.  Burgess, a doctor, stated, “No, I personally do not, and
I think that is exactly right.  Never before in the history of this
country have we had the ability to coerce American citizens to purchase
something and then invoke the Commerce clause after we coerce that
purchase.”  He went on…..”It just flies in the face of what a free
society should be, so I’m perfectly comfortable with the attorneys
general bringing suit against this bill,”

Yes,  law suits are flying by Attorney Generals and other groups.  We
must stand no matter how awkward,  inconvenient or expensive it is. 
Our freedom and country is at stake.

Obama isn’t stopping with forced Health care and the controls
attached to that.  He is going to manipulate votes by pushing amnesty
for illegal aliens; controlling American businesses through cap and
trade, then he will find a manipulative, back door way to come for our
guns….most likely with a UN Treaty he is already working toward.

Obama continues to mock anyone who disagrees with him, and is now,
according to the Wall Street Journal, stepping up
.  Obama must be voted out.  I don’t see any tin
helmet on my head, and yes…..Obama comes from the same essence and evil
as Hitler.

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