An Economic NATO: A New Alliance for a New Global Order…

February 22, 2013

WASHINGTON —The Atlantic Council today named internationally-recognized economist Megan Greene as a senior fellow in its Global Business and Economics Program.

An Economic NATO: A New Alliance for a New Global Order

February 21, 2013

Issue Brief logo

As the United States and European Union begin negotiations in earnest to establish a robust Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, C. Boyden Gray argues in a new Atlantic Council issue brief that the two sides should seek the most comprehensive agreement possible. Given the relative weakness of the recovery in the aftermath of the financial crisis, opening trade and establishing common regulatory standards provides both Europe and the United States with a viable path towards strong, sustainable economic growth.

Why Global Markets Require Global Rules and US-EU Cooperation

February 15, 2013

Michel Barnier

On February 15 the Atlantic Council and The Clearing House are hosting a discussion with Michel Barnier, European commissioner for the internal market and services, on the future of transatlantic financial regulatory cooperation and its impact on the financial industry and the global economic recovery.

Global Innovations for National Change in Healthcare

February 05, 2013

Dan Vasella smaller

On February 5, the Atlantic Council and PwC will host a symposium on the future of healthcare with Novartis Chairman and Atlantic Council International Advisory Board Member Dr. Daniel Vasella.

Besharov: Tax Debate and Fiscal Cliff (Marketplace)

December 18, 2012

Douglas Besharov, a senior fellow with the Global Business & Economics program, appeared on Marketplace radio to discuss the fiscal cliff and tax debate.

Georgetown Law’s Chris Brummer Named as C. Boyden Gray Fellow on Global Finance and Growth

December 14, 2012

WASHINGTON – The Atlantic Council has named Chris Brummer, a leading expert on international financial regulation from Georgetown Law, as its C. Boyden Gray Fellow on Global Finance and Growth.

Securities and Growth: The Case for Convergence

December 10, 2012

David Wright ACUS

David Wright, secretary general of the International Organization of Securities Commissions, joined the Atlantic Council for a discussion on the future of global financial regulatory reform and its impact on the securities industry.

Tests for Government and Business from the Shifting World Economy

November 16, 2012

Tests for government panel

On November 16, the Atlantic Council’s Global Business and Economics program convened two expert panels to discuss the challenges for business and political leaders from the shifting world economy.

Europe’s Unfinished Currency

October 24, 2012

Thomas Mayer

On Wednesday, October 24, the Atlantic Council hosted a discussion on the future of Europe’s single currency with Dr. Thomas Mayer, Deutsche Bank’s former chief economist and current senior advisor to the bank.

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