Kerry ?? Are you serious ???


> Kerry ?? Are you serious ???

> I had a dream last night.

> There sat the dog faced John Kerry before the Senate confirmation
> hearings for his appointment to Secretary of State.
> After the Chair had praised his vast “Diplomatic Experience”…
> Followed by praise for his integrity, honorable service, etc. He
> finally  turns the hearing over to the rest of the panel for
> questioning… and here  is where my dream turned to fantasy… For in
> my dream… the first Republican Senator to ask a question starts like
> this:
> Senator.your life story is a long and storied one.well known
> throughout the world…and the Chair has praised your integrity and
> diplomatic experience… I’d  like to start by asking you to once
> again describe your famous Christmas Eve, – secret mission into
> Cambodia … Which I find most interesting since you weren’t even in
> SE Asia  during the Christmas time of year?
> Then I would like to ask… is consorting with our nations enemies
> part of your Diplomatic Experience”… Like North Vietnam while we were at
> war?
> The Sandinista’s while we were engaged in conflict in Central America ?
> The butcher Assad and Saddam Hussein in the Middle East . and the
> Russians and Chinese when we  were engaged in the Cold War?
> And would you explain to us how you recruited your fellow “Winter
> Soldiers”
> to come and testify before Congress about atrocities committed by our
> American Soldiers and Marines. when most of the so called witnesses
> you recruited. were never even in the military or had ever gone to
> Vietnam?
> Remind us of your eye witness accounts of our Vietnam Veterans as
> being as ruthless as the hordes of Gangues Khan? Tell us when and
> where you observed that first hand Senator Kerry?  And then I’d like
> to know why your citations for your Silver Stars were signed by a
> Secretary of the
> Navy… years and years after the war was over?   And also, is it true as
> charged by eye witnesses… Your Purple Hearts were as a result of
> your own incompetence? Friendly fire by your own hand?
> These are just some of the  questions I have… and should be answered
> before your confirmation. And in my dream… I was cheerleading the line
> of   qestioning and thinking subconsciously.  “Ask why he couldn’t pass
> the Bar Exam… if he is so brilliant”?
> “Ask him why he parked his boat in Rhode Island … Was it to avoid
> taxes on it in his home state”?
> “Ask him how he has accumulated such grand wealth on the salary of a
> Senator”?  “Is it true that your wealth was derived by marrying
> homely, if not downright, butt ugly…  rich heiresses and widows”?
> “And ask him why the men who served with him in Vietnam …
> universally hate his guts… along with 99.9% of all Vietnam Veterans”?
> “Ask him if it is true that of all the men and women in the U.S.
> Senate, he is known to be the most egotistical? Only his good  buddy,
> John McCain comes close.  A man who also married well… Birds of a
> feather”?
> And then I woke up! Ain’t gonna happen… Politicians are  gutless!
> But I have to ask myself?  Is this the face America wants to  present
> to the rest of the world?  A man who has made a career of lies, falsehoods
> and deceit?
> I can think of no  human being… who symbolizes the term; “Ugly American”
> more than John Kerry. A liar, a phony, arrogant, piece  of human dog
> squeeze if there ever was one! Is this a man we should be  proud to be
> hailed as a “Great American”?
> Can any foreign leader ever trust a single word out of this man’s mouth…
> when it is documented that he has lied to his own countrymen… time
> after time after time… Is this the best we have to offer? In a perfect
> world.
> this man wouldn’t even be considered for “Dog Catcher”… even though
> he did manage to capture two in his lifetime.  He is an insult… a
> mortal insult… to all who have served.
> This is not sent for discussion. If you agree, forward it …  If you
> don’t, delete it. By me forwarding it, you know how I feel.
> — Ed Schriber , Col. USMC (Ret.) “Semper Fi”

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