The Socialist States of America.

The Times 11/17/2012, Page A06

Obama has empty promises

Sometime around midnight on Nov. 6, our great country ceased to be the United States of Amer­ica.

We officially gave up the right to that term, which signified freedom for the inhabitants of the piece of the continent known as North America. While not of­ficially renamed as yet, we will no doubt become known as The Socialist States of America.

If you are still in denial that this will take place, please mark it down somewhere that this will indeed become a fact within a few short months. There should be no doubt in anyone with a brain as large as an English pea, that Obama has intended from the very outset of his po­litical career to radically trans­form this country into some­thing closely akin to those coun­tries where his radical brothers now exist.

I hate to think of the blood­shed that we will witness in this country when these changes be­gin to take place. Those who fell into “lock-step” with this radi­cal, socialist ideology, as he de­ceived them with empty prom­ises and from whom he hid his true agenda, will turn on him, but by then it will do them no good.

Germany did the same thing with a man by the name of Hitler, and those with half a brain can tell you what took place in that once proud country.

Just a few short days removed from the election, we have al­ready been informed that tax­es are going to increase to pre­vent us from plunging over the “fiscal cliff.” We were warned over and over about Obama’s re­marks to Russia that “after the election, I will have more flex­ibility” and now we are about to see what was meant by that statement, to which the liberals paid absolutely no attention.

I could go on and on about the empty promises this man has made over the past five years, but I am sure that, if you have read this far, you are very famil­iar with the lies he has told and the various ways he has skirted the Constitution in order to work his ultimate agenda of bring­ing down our great country. I shudder to think of the radi­cal changes we will see over the next four years since Obama cannot legally seek a third term (even though, he may still at­tempt to make himself the per­manent ruler or our country).

If you think this is outrageous, then ask yourself how much of what has transpired in the last four years would you have be­lieved to be possible in a demo­cratic society. Folks, let’s face it — we put the fox in charge of the chicken house; he ate all the chickens; gave the ducks all the “freebies” they wanted, and now he is coming for the sheep.

John Billingsley Sr. lives in Benton.

John Billingsley

Guest Columnist

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