Obama’s new name: “Packalful of Shyte”

Romney reached down Obama’s throat with the truth, grabbed him by the
short hairs, turned him inside out and left nothing but a quivering  
pile of crap.

Obama, the Socialist Puppet will hereafter in all  public settings will be billed as “Packalful of Shyte”

From reliable sources: The first in a series of attacks on Romney will be the charge that Romney assassinated Lincoln. Followed by Romney was responsible for hurricane katrina. Then for the clincher Romney stole all of Santa’s toys.

Anybody who would believe  that unemployment fell by .4% is an idiot. More of the same old lies to manipulate  a bunch of stupid people. The actual unemployment is 10.7%

Consider the tweet of Jack Welch former CEO of General Electric Co. as reported at reference 1:

Unbelievable jobs numbers..these
Chicago guys will do anything..can’t debate so change numbers,” tweeted
Welch, the former CEO of General Electric (GE, Fortune 500).

Temporary help jobs, which are often seen as a harbinger for permanent hiring, fell 2,000 after being almost flat in August.

Manufacturing payrolls fell for a second straight month.

Construction employment rose 5,000, benefiting from the rise in home
construction, as demand for housing rises against the backdrop of record
low mortgage rates

Government payrolls rose 10,000 after increasing 45,000 in August.
Average hourly earnings rose 7 cents last month, which could support

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