Is America Under Barry Becoming A Totalitarian State?

July 11, 2012 By Comments (0)
Barack Obama 5 SC Is America under Barry becoming a Totalitarian state?
A Totalarian state is one in which the leader, in this case Barry, has total control of the Government and the people. In practice, the term is used to describe a political situation where a small group of people (i.e. AG Eric Holder, Secretary Hilary Clinton, Secretary Janet Napolitano, and Secretary Leon Panetta) or an organization has total authority over a nation.
As a point worth mentioning, in Hitler’s Germany, there were many characteristics of a Totalitarian state.  The Government ran and censored the media. All forms of communication were liable to interference from above and could and were heavily censored.  This removes freedom of speech, therefore enabling the government to influence popular opinion via propaganda and false news messages.

Why would a president who might have less than 121 days left in office, should he lose the election, sign his most recent “Executive Order” that allows the Government under the president’s control to take over all forms of communications should he deem that there is a need to do so in a time of crisis? Let’s not forget Barry’s previous Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel’s most famous comment: ” you never want a serious crises go to waste”.

The next question that one might need to ask themselves is: what defines and/or determines a crisis, and how easy would it be for Barry to create a crisis that he feels is sufficient in nature to have him and his Administration take over all forms of communication?  Take your pick. Would an uprising between blacks and whites be sufficient for him to demand the takeover of all forms of communications? Or would an uprising as we had on Wall Street with the 99er’s protesting in the streets and parks against the 1% be sufficient for Obama to declare Martial Law and take over all forms of communications?  The truth is that under Barry and his chosen key members of his Administration, the majority of all major enterprises are now virtually controlled completely by our government.
Under Barry’s leadership (or dictatorship, depending on how one want’s to view his actions), our government controls, as of the Supreme Court’s most recent ruling, one-sixth of the American economy by taking over healthcare alone.  The government controls our military under the leadership of Leon Panetta, who in his prior life was appointed by Bill Clinton as White House Chief of Staff. They also control the automotive industry, thank’s to Barry’s takeover of GM and Chrysler. The coal and oil industries, thanks to the EPA’s strict regulations and Barry’s “will”, are also all controlled by the government.
The major news media is and has always been in support of Barry and his policies, except for Fox News, and unfortunately, it appears that they too are beginning to buckle under the heel of Obama and his Administration. If one does some research, they will quickly learn that there is absolutely no difference between a totalitarian state and a Muslim-run state; they are identical in that the opinion of the people does not matter. What does matter is the opinion and will of the leadership.
What I find fascinating is that not one single member of Congress has questioned openly Barry’s eligibility in holding office. If one were to do so, he/she could demand that Obama release and produce original documents to prove that he is eligible to be president.  Barry’s Occidental College and Harvard University applications would be all that would be needed to end this farce since they would prove without a doubt that he attended those institutions as a foreign exchange student, something the the new Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagen was and is fully aware of. Right, Supreme Court Justice Kagen?
The members of Congress are all in denial of the inevitable, as they remain silent for fear of losing their elitist positions.  However, what they all need to ask themselves is: does a Muslim-run or Totalitarian country have any group of individuals similar to those in Congress? That answer, of course, is no.  In other words, by their inactions, in all probability they themselves will be instrumental in eliminating their own cherished positions and allowing the America that we once loved and knew to no longer exist.
Once again, why would Barry sign an “Executive Order” to enable the government to control all forms of communications with the presidential election less than 121 days away if he had no intentions of remaining in power? (Not necessarily as president but more in line as a dictator, which in reality is what he has been all along by disregarding not only the Constitution but by totally disregarding the will of the American people.)
Unfortunately, the answer to that question is obvious; he has no intention of giving up the power that he and his handlers have been able to take control of, and I fear that the end of America as we all once knew it will soon be gone forever.

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