The Robert’s Decision

Chief Justice Roberts may be more cunning than a lot of people think.

His decision regarding the individual mandate, and the mandate for the states on medicaid are now well known, and are the “tingle up the leg” topic of the left wing media, and outrage from the conservative media.

In my view the other parts of his decision are the most important.

Roberts threw the ball back into the court of the Congress and the laps of the American people.

What I really think Roberts was trying to tell Congress and the American people is this:

If there are enough Socialists in our Government, and enough of the American people who have been indoctrinated in Socialism who vote to keep this Socialist president and Congress in power this fall. Four more years of Obama will  render the Congress and the Supreme Court irrelevant.

Already Obama and company have bypassed Congress on so many things, amnesty being the most outstanding. Now in stealth they have agreed to a treaty with the UN which will directly conflict with the 2nd amendment of our Constitution.

Obama is following the game plan of  Hugo Chavez to become dictator of the United Socialist States Of America, and giving over the control of our military to the UN. Our Constitutional Law over to International law, our U.S. Courts over to International Courts.

Take heed patriots: If you don’t take to the streets, make phone calls, send emails, talk to everyone you can, and volunteer as poll watchers, Obama and company will steal the election this Fall, and the civil war that follows will make Syria look like a Baptist picnic.


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