How To Reduce Health Care Costs


2. Tort reform: Limit the amount of damage awards. Reduce frivolous law suits by mandating that if the plaintiff loses Plaintiff must pay defendants legal costs.

3. Meet with heads of all Insurance companies: Ask Insurances companies to design an 80/20 plan including prescription drugs with reasonable deductible, and which  also covers pre-existing conditions.

Allow insurance companies that meet financial requirements to sell their product in any state.

Then insurance companies would submit bids to the State Legislature which would vote on and approve the best plan, which would remain in effect without change for  four years. At the end of four years Lawmakers could then vote to keep the existing plan or accept new bids.

All working people in the state, including self employed, and State employees would have their premiums deducted from their paychecks. In other words all working people in the State would be a large group.

4. Meet with the heads of all out agreement  with the Hospital and insurance companies similar to the agreement with Medicare, that the hospital accepts the allowed amount for each procedure as spelled out in the insurance contract.

5. Set up “Charity Hospitals” in every county. Doctors and nurses would be able to claim a tax deduction for volunteering their services. Maintenance and administration of the “Charity Hospitals” will be covered by donations, and States Medicaid funds.

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