We are One . . . One Nation Under God.

BY: Jeanie Dennett

I want you to picture a great throng. Not a mob, rather a peaceful gathering of thousands. Flags, banners, music will accompany this great crowd marching through our cities. Americans standing together as One Nation Under God, ready to take back the country in peace. In Unity!

Exisiting among you are like-minded citizens; citizens fed-up with the present state of things in our land. We are not racists, we are not homophobes but God-fearing men, women, and children wanting to speak out in peace that God is real and that we want Him “back”! 
We want His morals and blessings upon us; we desire godly men and women leading with truth in our governmental offices.

There is Truth! Absolute Truth. Not many people believe that anymore. To them, everything is relative, “situational”, circumstantial. Unfortunately, that is the present tone of our country’s administration. “Go above the law if it suits your purposes.”

Enough is enough. How long will we sit idly by while our country sinks into a real despair, economically, socially, morally…. 
We must march. To show the world that Christians and like-minded people are loving, kind, real, and present. 
We must march, to bring this Nation to a point of realisation, the point of repentance before a Holy God. 
Our March will be called: We are One . . . One Nation Under God.

Will you join me to make this a reality? Will you march with us through the streets and towns of America to save our land?

We are a voice. A strong voice that should be heard. 
Task Force Chairman: Jeaniedennett1@msn.com
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