Dear Senators, Congressmen, and Congresswomen,

By: Jeanie Dennett

Dear Senators, Congressmen, and Congresswomen,
As a very concerned citizen, I am writing to you today, begging you and your fellow Senators to take action.  I truly believe that the steps you take in response to this letter could determine the course of America’s future.
Forgive me if I sound dramatic.  That is not my intent.  But I do hope you will realize that Americans are worried.  They are afraid of what will happen to the America that we love so much.
The proceedings of the last few days by the present administration are appalling, not to mention illegal.  Eric Holder should most assuredly be held in contempt of court.  By the President’s step to shield Mr. Holder from further testimony, his involvement must also be something commensurate with, at the very least, obstruction of law.  Mr. Holder has already committed perjury by trying to cover up Fast and Furious in the first place and saying that it didn’t exist.  
I wonder if every American is now asking why the President was not vetted before taking office.  Everyone surrounding him seems to like Communism or Marxism better than our Democratic Republic. He supported the Arab Spring when everyone knew that the Muslim Brotherhood would take over Egypt and gain power.  The President has proven his disdain for Israel…our only ally in the Middle East.  His “Executive Orders” are akin to what takes place in a dictatorship.  Why is he allowed to bypass Congress?  Why is he allowed to bypass the Constitution, especially when he took a solemn oath to uphold it?  What should be done? What can be done?
“We the People” feel small and helpless.  We don’t know how to stop these proceedings.  We don’t know how to save our country.  But that is why we are writing to you.  We have elected Congress to be our voice.  We are counting on you to stand strong for what is right. We are encouraging you to not be afraid.  We beg you to begin the appropriate procedures to remove this President from office.  He does not love America; he and his wife are ashamed of her.  Please help us.
You have our full support,
We the People  
Pass this along to everyone you know.
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