Earth to Washington D.C., Come In Please, Can Anyone Hear?

Standing up for Arizona is standing up for States rights as a WHOLE

We must not let the Federal Government stick its head into Arizona’s  illegal immigration law. This whole cry for a “boycott” is a complete disinformation campaign carried about by globalists who want nothing more then to flood America with illegal immigrants. Immigrants who have historically voted for the Democratic Party. It is about politics! Obama doesn’t give two cents about police profiling! This is the same man who re signed the Patriot Act and passed an unconstitutional Health Care bill.


We the people need to closely monitor how this bill is enforced  The anger in Arizona over this issue has allowed a bill to pass that has a very real chance of police abuse. That being said, massive Immigration is an integral part of this plan for domination and needs to be put to an end. Not to mention it is ILLEGAL.  This bill is also important for states rights as long as it is not used to further the police state.

This article seems fitting.   

Earth to Washington D.C., Come In Please, Can Anyone Hear?

By Marion Valentine –Canadian Free Press-

The Administration, Liberals, and the State controlled media are throwing the race card into the deck over Arizona’s new Immigration law, but the American people see the card as just an old worn out joker and there are no wild cards in this game.sf

What doesn’t this administration get about “illegal”..or it this another question on the meaning of “is”?

Look, Washington, We The People get it. We do not need an out of control Congress passing more laws which will never be enforced. We need to enforce the perfectly sound laws that are now on the books. That includes the laws and regulations governing financial institutions, and business.

Every time Congress sticks their noses into something trying to fix a problem, the problem gets worse. Then come to find out, rules, laws and regulations were already in place that would have prevented the problem, but they were not ENFORCED.

The regulators who are supposed to enforce the rules are too busy watching porn.  With all the sex scandals involving politicians, perhaps too many are addicted to porn.

Common sense has fled the scene in D.C. and the Administration and Congress are floating out around Venus somewhere, completely out of touch with the American people. They have forgotten that they work for us, not the other way around. Posturing and empty words will not fool most of us any longer.

So keep trying to play the joker.. We The People will trump it with your PINK SLIP’

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