This Humble author listed among the great conservative columnists.

Southern District of NY
! General Henry L. Burnett, Federal District Attorney for the Southern District of New York!
Appointed by President William McKinley 1898-1902; Appointed by President Theodore Roosevelt 1902-1906

Politics from a Conservative Point of View

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oath of office PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH:

Everyone needs heroes. This is mine. As simple as that.

Thank you former President George W. Bush
and former First Lady Laura Bush
  –  HillBuzz
A Theory of W  –  James Lewis

Photographs     Older Articles


Palin to speak at major GOP event  –  Peter Hamby
Palin: It’s War, not a Crime Spree  –  Michael Goldfarb
Sarah Palin will headline first-ever Tea Party Convention
–  Michael Goldfarb
Sarah Palin, weapon of mass distraction  –  Kyle Smith
Sarah Palin and the Bard  –  Joseph Hatch
Palinophobes Hate First, Ask Questions Later  –
Jonah Goldberg
Palin-Hating 101  –  S. E. Cupp
Sarah Palin’s ‘Going Rogue’: A powerful testament to a
good woman’s endurance in a mean world of politics  –
Andrew Malcolm & Johanna Neuman

Lots of Articles

oath of office SAINT OBAMA?    GIVE ME A BREAK!:

The Great Dictator  –  Daniel Greenfield
Interpol Immunity  –  Andrew C. McCarthy
The Obama Tragedy in the Terror War  –  Jamie Glazov
Lehman: Clueless Obama  –  Robert Costa
Obama’s Fiscal Fantasy World  –  Karl Rove
Obama’s Obvious Disdain  –  Paul A. Rahe
Emperor Obama and the Mob  –  Jonathan F. Keiler
Did Obama Politicize the Terror Database?  –  James Lewis
The Legend Of Bagger Obama  –  Monty Pelerin
Clueless  –  Linda Chavez

Things to watch for during a
‘Declared National Emergency’  –
Marion Valentine

Andersen Book Blows Ayers’ Cover on ‘Dreams’
–  Jack Cashill

Obama’s Speeches – Mentions Self Nearly 1,200 Times!
The Manchurian Candidate  –  David Horowitz
Obama and the Cult of Personality  –
Steven M. Cohen
Trials and the Celebrity-in-Chief  –  William Murchison
Barack Obama and the CIA: why does
President Pantywaist hate America so badly?  –
Gerald Warner
Phone Campaign on 9/11 Against
‘Right-Wing Domestic Terrorists’  –  Tim Graham
Dr. Obama and the Hypocrite’s Oath  –  Monte Kuligowski
Breakthrough on the Authorship of
Obama’s ‘Dreams’  –  Jack Cashill
Obama’s Father Figure: Frank Marshall Davis  –
Joy Tiz

Lots of Articles

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