By: Marion Valentine
April 4, 2009 at 12:01 pm

America has just become a member of the Global Union Of Socialist Nation States. Before Congress voted to disband itself, nullify the constitution, and placing the jurisdiction of of America’s justice system into the hands of the International Courts, they named Mr. Obama as the sole Delegate to represent interests of the United Socialist Nation State in the United Nations. Mr. Obama’s appointment is a lifetime Appointment. Mr. Obama has picked for his advisers and policy makers,
George Soros, and the entire membership of the Democracy Alliance.

The people of America are now free from the burden of going to the polls to vote, worrying about a job, or paying taxes. You will be assigned a job by your community ACORN supervisor. Since there will no longer be any Currency, you will be issued a voucher to obtain your basic needs.

The elderly and disabled will be relocated to the new National Care Facilities being built. So you the healthy working class will no longer have the burden of caring for a disabled or elderly relative.

Since it has been demonstrated in past elections, the people of the Former United States Of America, desired a government which supplied their every need from the cradle to the grave, and which required little or no effort or thought on their part. I am sure we will have a peaceful and contented people.

All of our Military is now under the control of the United Nations, but we have mobilized a National Civilian Security Force, to maintain order, track down criminals and turn them over to the International Justice system, where if they are found guilty, depending upon the severity of the crime as determined by the International court, will be either executed or sentenced to be confined in detention work centers.

We, the United Nations Delegates to the Global Union Of Socialist Nation States pledge that all who are able to work, will work, and that those unable to work will be taken care of.

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