Poll: Is Obama to Blame For Lack of Economic Recovery?

Poll Image
The Total Number of people who voted in this poll: 430,183
1) Nearly four years after the original $700 billion dollar stimulus, unemployment and foreclosures are still at record highs. Is President Barack Obama most to blame for the lack of economic recovery?
 66%  voted:  Yes.
 33%  voted:  No.
 1%  voted:  Undecided.
2) In late 2008 and early 2009, the Federal Government bailed out “too big to fail” banks, Wall Street and U.S. Automakers. Do you believe government should ever bailout private business?
 22%  voted:  Yes.
 67%  voted:  No.
 11%  voted:  Undecided.
3) Where do you feel government should most focus to speed economic recovery?
 26%  voted:  Job creation.
 14%  voted:  Tax code overhaul.
 43%  voted:  Reduced government spending.
 7%  voted:  Infrastructure spending.
 3%  voted:  Deficit reduction.
 2%  voted:  New stimulus.
 4%  voted:  Other.
 2%  voted:  Homeowner assistance.
4) President Obama’s proposed American Jobs Act invests heavily in transportation, public school modernization, an extension of jobless benefits, payroll tax cuts for individuals and corporations plus state aid to prevent essential worker layoffs. Do you agree this will stimulate the economy and get American’s back to work?
 36%  voted:  Yes.
 56%  voted:  No.
 8%  voted:  Undecided.
5) Which political party do you most closely align with philosophically?
 22%  voted:  Democrat
 27%  voted:  Republican
 4%  voted:  Libertarian
 19%  voted:  Tea Party
 24%  voted:  Independent
 4%  voted:  Other

Thank you for your participation.

If you haven’t voted click here.

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