The Silent Majority

Know Your Enemy
Daniel Greenfield Full Story

image“The right wing extremist strains of Israeli Judaism are threatening to turn that ignition into a conflagration.” That quote comes from Rabbi Joshua Hammerman, the same Rabbi now being widely quoted for his bizarre Tim Tebow column. Or rather there are numerous articles quoting the column without mentioning his name or who he is.

This is not the article that I had planned to run tonight. That article has already been written and sits waiting. It may be timely, but it will have to wait until next week, because this is timelier and it needs to be said.
Compromise Sucks!
John Lillpop Full Story

Coming into 2011, things looked pretty good for conservatives.
The Silent Majority
Judi McLeod Full Story

imageEditor’s Note: The cry of the oppressed is coming out of the darkness into the light, country by country.

In another era it would have been buried under the mountains, drowned by tides, disappeared by gulag bureaucracies working under the cover of night.

But it is the Christmas Season of 2011 and the masses of the Silent Majority have something the politicians can not silence—the World Wide Web.

Farmers in the field, mothers bending over cradles—people everywhere—now sense that inexplicable tingle that something’s not right.
Christ and Capitalism
Dr. Brad Lyles M.D Full Story

If Christ were to endorse any worldly economic system, He would endorse Capitalism.

The Original Tea Party – December 16, 1773
Alan Caruba Full Story

imageThe modern-day Tea Party is a loose amalgamation of people who came together in March 2009 to protest against passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act otherwise known as Obamacare. There was a large gathering in Washington, D.C. with estimates of several hundred thousand to a million participants.

There had been other events associated with the Tea Party movement and in the 2010 midterm elections the movement was credited with returning power to the Republican Party in the House of Representatives by supporting candidates that associated themselves with the movement. It is, however, not a political party in its own right.

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