A Modern Day Fable/Or Politics 101 geared to the Progressive intellect

A Modern Day Fable/Or Politics 101 geared to the Progressive intellect

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July 14, 2010 By, Marion Valentine

Once upon a time in a parallel
universe a band of jackasses got together and decided
since they were the most intelligent, and knew what was best for
everyone they
should control their country and all it’s wealth and
resources. Once they gained total
control of their
country, since it
was the most powerful country in the world they could
the resources and wealth of the rest of the world and force them to
the jackasses as rulers of all the world.Over the
each time they gained power in their country they tried to push total
and control over the other inhabitants to the limit. The
inhabitants objected and since the
jackasses were out numbered they
could not
fulfill their dream of ruling the world. Even
some of the jackasses
objected and were stripped
of authority, called names and sometimes
even kicked out of the

Finally after six years of bashing the elephants and the elephant leader, a handsome young
jackass came out of nowhere. He had such a gift of gab, and was such a con artist, he
convinced a multitude of fools that the seas were filled with kool aid,  some of the fools are
still  drinking sea water and saying it’s the best kool aid they ever drank

He said here’s  the plan: We’ve already got the Jackals, a breed we have created by dumbing
them down and encouraging laziness until they are totally dependent. We’ve got the weasels
whom we have allowed to organize and worm their way into everything so they could wreak
financial havoc.So he went to the wolves and said. “we have allowed many of you to come in, we have taken
care of you and protected you, are you with us? The wolves all said. “yeah man count on us we got your back.

So the young, handsome silver tongued jackass was named king.

Meanwhile the elephants who had been pushed into the background were getting angry and
restless. Members of the herd who had not spoken in years were speaking up. They had thrown
out the leaders who had gone along with the jackass policies, and were ready to take the country back.

They surrounded the jackasses, weasels, jackals and wolves and drove them into a box canyon,
and guarded the entrance.

Sometime later the wolves approached the elephants and said “man we are hungry, the weasels
ran away, the jackals are hiding,  the jackasses are nothing but skin, bones and horse apples,
The elephant said go home there are plenty of fat jackasses in your own country.

So the elephants and the rest of the inhabitants lived in peace, and harmony thereafter.

Every year in November the elephants invite everyone to the National Patriot Tea Party.

Marion Valentine
U. S. Navy Intelligence Service (disabled)

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