Tea Party Numbers Grow As Presidential Election Nears

American Politics, Freedom

Romney: ‘I exhale carbon dioxide’
Steve Milloy   — American Politics
Romney’s eco alarmism

Black Republican’s Campaign Sign Defaced With ‘KKK,’ Media Yawns
Warner Todd Huston   — American Politics
William “Bill” Randall

Tea Party Numbers Grow As Presidential Election Nears
Paul Ibbetson   — American Politics
Blueprint to victory in 2012 lies in coordinating the ever expanding Tea Party numbers and maximize the number of voters who do go to the polls and vote next Novembe

Mental health issues
Sarge   — American Politics
Schizophrenia, Diplomatic/Reactive Schizophrenia

“Zucottis” are not the Sans-Culottes
William R. Mann   — American Politics
The punks, juvenile delinquents, runaways, wannabe revolutionaries, druggies, recycled SDS leftovers from the 60s and the pampered trust babies are a disgrace to this country

With Iran Edging Closer to Nuclear Weapon, Obama Sends in Marines—to Australia!
John Lillpop   — American Politics
And a contingent of 250 Marines will send a strong signal to China and the rest of the world that America is serious?

Machiavelli and the OWS
Online By David Lawrence   — American Politics
Their means are gross, hedonistic, solipsistic and spoiled. Their ends do not justify their means

The Death of Citizenship
Daren Jonescu   — American Politics
Polls: momentum, slide, ascendant, leading, trailing, stalled, stable, languishing

Tell the Republicans to Raise All the Taxes!
Dr. Phil Taverna   — American Politics
Obama is trying to blame the economy on lazy Americans instead of stupid politicians

Radical Islam is on the move in America
Dr. Laurie Roth   — American Politics
Honor Killing, Conversions to Islam in Prison

Michael Moore: Obama is Trying to Destroy Occupy Movement
Don Irvine   — American Politics
Moore has tried to paint himself as one of the 99% that the Occupy protesters claim to represent. Moore’s net worth of $50 million

New Movie Exposes Government Invasion of American Families
Christian Newswire   — American Freedom
Overruled: Government Invasion of Your Parental Rights

Super Committee Suicide
Alan Caruba   — American Politics
Cutting the Pentagon’s budget now or over the next decade would be suicidal

Scandal and Incompetence “Occupy” GOP Candidate Pool!
John Lillpop   — American Politics
Still, remember fellow conservatives, Mitt Romney is a very strong candidate—excepting for his love affair with socialized medicine and gay marriage, and a sorry tendency to flop when he should flip.

Above the law
Doug Hagmann   — American PoliticsPopular Reads
Financial terrorism MF Global, Jon Corzine, Gary Gensler, Clinton, Goldman Sachs, CFTC

Black Conservatives Demand Pelosi, NAACP and Other Liberals Renounce and Apologize for Occupy Wall
Online   — American Politics
Project 21

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