Filth of OWS goes beyond sanitation

Filth of OWS goes beyond sanitation
Judi McLeod Full Story

Memo to New York City authorities and their ‘compulsory cleanout’ crews: You can’t clean up OWS (Occupy Without Sanitation).  They stink from their inner souls to their outside skin.

Protesters can return to Zuccotti after compulsory cleanout, according to the cops.
President Obama Misleads the Public on Iran
Joseph A. Klein Full Story

Speaking from the lush Hawaiian venue of the Asia-Pacific economic summit, Obama falsely claimed during a televised news conference on November 13th that “we are in a much stronger position now than we were two or three years ago with respect to Iran.”
The Spirit of ’76 vs. The Spirit of ’67
Daren Jonescu Full Story

Can anything be more frustrating for Tea Partiers than the attempts by conservative and centrist Republicans (e.g. Gingrich, Paul, Romney, Huntsman, Cantor) to play divide and conquer with the Occupy Wall Street people by separating them into ‘the decent, concerned Americans who have a lot in common with the Tea Party’ and ‘a small group of ne’er-do-wells’ who are spoiling the movement for the others?
Rape and the Occupation
Daniel Greenfield Full Story

The multiple incidents of sexual assault in the Occupation tent cities are as ugly as they are inevitable. The absence of theft, assault and other forms of attacks is not a natural phenomenon, it is the outcome of a system that protects individual rights. The Occupy tent cities are not concerned with the rights of the individual, but with the grand collective right of the “99 percent” to demand private property on behalf of the government. And collectivist movements are notoriously unconcerned with what happens to the individual.

American Politics, Freedom

Obama’s “Occupy” Gambit: Another Populist Election Theme Backfires!
John Lillpop   — American Politics
Occupy madness which has been crippling America from coast to coast has fallen apart and is now in full retreat

After 90 Years, Catholic Charities Foster Care Will Cease in Illinois
Christian Newswire   — American Politics
State’s Action to Remove Children from Charities’ Care Forces Cessation of Lawsuit

Republicans Look Into the Mouth of the Gift Horse
Daren Jonescu   — American Politics
The Republican Party Establishment has looked its gift-horse in the mouth. Either they will win, and America will lose, or the gift-horse will swallow the RPE whole

Missing George W. Bush
Alan Caruba   — American Politics
There is much more that can and will be credited to George W. Bush for his two terms

The Obama Eligibility Question
Online By Paul R. Hollrah   — American Politics
Is he eligible to serve as President of the United States, or is he a usurper? Let’s analyze what we know to be true.

Apologist in chief
Sarge   — American Politics
Keep jobs in America. Don’t send them overseas. Stop insulting the allies we have now, like Israel

Nobel-Prize winner Chu deserves a booby prize for his naïveté in running the Energy Depart
Andrew P. Morriss   — American Politics
Solyndra connections of Obama donor George Kaiser and his George Kaiser Family Foundation

Flashback: Biden said Obama admin called Jon Corzine for advice
Online   — American Politics
MF Global, the securities firm headed by former Governor Jon Corzine, has filed for bankruptcy. It’s 1,000 employees have been laid off

Lefty Tom Hayden Warns Occupy Movement Not to Overstep
Don Irvine   — American Politics
The message of the Occupy movement was supposed to be about Wall Street and derivatives, but in Denver and Los Angeles it was more about socialism, destroying capitalism

Military Scandal, Media Blackout
Arnold Ahlert   — American Politics
Abu Ghraib scandal directly to George W. Bush, even as Barack Obama remains studiously — dare I say calculatingly — detached from something far more serious

“Occupy” Crimes Now Include Rape & Murder: Still Approve, Princess Pelosi?
John Lillpop   — American Politics
The burning question for Pelosi is now,: Still praying for God to bless rapists and murderers, Princess??

The Dangers of Legitimizing Muslim Grievances
Daniel Greenfield   — American Politics
Perpetuate a myth of Islamic innocence

Lexicon of Agenda 21 Sustainable Development
Bob Cash   — American Freedom
Smart Growth, Private Property, Bill of Rights, Gaia, Commerce Clause, Fabianism, Enumerated Powers

Roe v Wade, as 50 Million
Terry W. Bettis   — American Politics
Political Correctness, Abortion, Planned Parenthood

Who is This Man, Barack Obama?
Online By John Porter   — American Politics
I don’t believe his heart and soul is American in nature. His attitude and philosophy are not American

If Not Romney, Who?
Alan Caruba   — American Politics
Romney’s Fiscal Awakening

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