Occupy Wall Street Photos

Bringing Down America from the safety of Vancouver, BC
Judi McLeod Full StoryThe magazine of the Canadian non-profit Adbusters Media Foundation—that revives   1960s-styled protests for ultimate Marxist takeover—is printed in the United States of America.

Without even a passing mention that they, with Barack Obama, are actually masterminding it,  Adbusters November issue asks on its cover What Will We Do As America Declines?
“Hey, Michelle, What’s for dinner, tonight?”
Roger Gitlin Full StoryCan one ponder what’s goes through the mind of a radical ideologue like Barrack Hussein Obama?

The Revolution is Upon Us
Judi McLeod Full StoryimageThe Revolution is upon us.

Even as so many go about their daily lives hoping to hold it together in a recession whose end may be too distant to tell,  the revolution is already upon us.

Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protests, which didn’t happen overnight but were three years in the making,  have been portrayed as spontaneous outbreaks by ragtag gangs of shiftless, harmless hippies.  They are in fact the army that Barack Obama boasted about even before he came into power.
Are you better off than you were 14 trillion dollars ago?
Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh Full StoryThe last three years have turned our country upside down politically, economically, racially, morally, fiscally, and internationally. I no longer recognize the U.S. that many citizens around the globe admired, aspired to emulate, dreamed to visit, owed their freedom to, and considered big brother in times of need, disaster, and danger.
Founding the Flea Party
Klaus Rohrich Full StoryIt’s clear that the Democrats have “party envy,” even as they cast sneering glances at the Tea Party, which everyone assumes to be a primarily Republican organization.  With the recent formation of the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement, some Dems are beginning to see the possibilities of having their own Tea Party-like organization in the hapless shlubs protesting against America’s billionaires.

Cover Stories, News
Occupy Wall Street Photos
Canada Free Press
America’s youth on display….

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