How to stop public school indoctrination.

“Give me four years to teach the children, and the seed I
have sown will never be uprooted.” Lenin

Our schools are being hijacked by leftist organizations
in their attempts to indoctrinate our public school children.

Our friends at Liberty Counsel have a special free resource
for you to counter these overt mind-influencing tactics.
The “Patriot’s Handbook of Religious Freedom in Public Schools”
belongs in every home and school in America.  See their
message below to obtain your free copy.

Your friends at Grassroots Action

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From the Desk of:
Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

Today the impressionable minds of school children that
went back to public school on the day after Labor Day
run the risk of being manipulated into accepting
“alternative” lifestyles and anti-religious bigotry.
You need to know what you can do to stop overt public
school indoctrination!  The “Patriot’s Handbook of
Religious Freedom in Public Schools” is yours at no
charge when you join our campaign to end this
outrageous use of our tax money.  Click here to
find out how to get your copy:

And, please read my vitally important message below – Mat.


The tragic fact is that leftists are indoctrinating our
children and grandchildren – as stealthily as possible –
knowing that if their agenda was exposed, Americans would
rise up against it.  Consider these recent events in our
public schools…

In July, the left-leaning California State Legislature
passed “The FAIR Education Act” (S.B. 48), which
mandates that educators, textbooks, and instructional
materials must positively promote “lesbian, gay, bisexual,
and transgender Americans” as role models.

According to Randy Thomasson, president of,
S.B. 48 is now the seventh sexual indoctrination law that has
been forced upon California’s schools.

“It targets kids for a sexual brainwashing, and this
is all behind the backs of parents. It teaches boys
and girls (as young as 6) to admire those who engage
in homosexual, bisexual and transsexual behavior,
without ever telling them that it’s unnatural or that
it’s unhealthy.”

Teachers, even those with conscientious or religious objections,
are forced to portray these lifestyles as “normal.”

How is this important to school systems outside of
California? California is one of the largest purchasers
of textbooks in the country. Many other school systems
will, as a result of California’s influence on
publishers, be forced to use these same textbooks!

++ We must stand against the indoctrination of teachers
and students.

Marion, I will send you – free of charge – the
“Patriot’s Handbook of Religious Freedom in Public Schools”
simply for reading and endorsing the Liberty Counsel Statement
on Religious Freedom in Public Schools.  The Statement says,
in part…

I have joined hundreds of thousands of my fellow
Americans in declaring that our nation’s public
schools must allow the full and free expression of
every American’s First Amendment rights to free speech,
free association, and religious expression.  Americans
don’t leave their constitutionally guaranteed liberties
at the schoolhouse door!

When you sign the statement, I will send you the “Patriot’s
Handbook of Religious Freedom in Public Schools,” a booklet
that can revolutionize the way parents, guardians, and
students view their public school system, administrators,
educators, curriculum, extra-curricular clubs, activities,
and fellow students!

My legal team at Liberty Counsel has developed this invaluable
pocket-sized resource compiled from decades of experience
defending the rights of educators, students, administrators,
and community members from the attacks of radical activists
who want to squash freedom of religious expression in any
public setting, including schools.

It is imperative, as we start the new school year, that
the “Patriot’s Handbook of Religious Freedom in Public Schools”
be in the hands of anyone who is concerned about the direction
our public schools are taking!

In fact, we pray that one day this handbook will have
a place in every backpack, every book bag, and every
brief case that enters the dangerous environment so
many of our public schools have become!

The “Patriot’s Handbook of Religious Freedom in Public Schools”
is yours – free of charge – when you endorse Liberty Counsel’s
Statement on Religious Freedom in Public Schools.  Click
here to endorse this important statement and to receive
the handbook:

++ The quest to “normalize” radical homosexual behavior

President Barack Obama has helped usher in an alarming pro-
homosexual agenda into our public schools that a few years
ago would have been considered unimaginable.

His highly controversial appointment of Kevin Jennings to
be a so-called “Safe Schools Czar” led to a number of
stealth pro-homosexual initiatives in our public schools
(Jennings has since, thankfully, left the post).

Jennings also teamed with far-left members of Congress in
an attempt to “normalize” radical homosexual/transgender
behaviors (including cross-dressing) in our nation’s public
schools by mandate of a proposed federal law called the
“Student Nondiscrimination Act of 2010.”

Under extreme public pressure, the bill died in the House
Committee on Education and Labor, although some
Representatives have promised to revisit the legislation.

The pro-homosexual agenda is being advanced in school
systems all across this country due to overt
manipulation and threats from powerful leftist groups.

++ Teacher of the Year removed for opposing same-sex

When Jerry Buell, last year’s Teacher of the Year at Mount
Dora High School in Florida, saw that New York had
legalized same-sex “marriage,” he expressed his disapproval
on the Facebook social media network – on his personal
time, his personal computer, and on his personal page.

Buell commented that homosexuality is wrong and that
seeing two “grooms” kissing on a news story revolted

A former student from his school saw his post, took offense,
and “reported” him to school system officials. The Lake
County School District responded by taking away his teaching
privileges and reassigning him to administrative duties.

Through Liberty Counsel’s civil rights defense, Jerry was
reinstated within days and he was defended free of charge.
Without Liberty Counsel, Jerry would have incurred enormous
personal costs in hiring lawyers to defend his constitutional

Yet Liberty Counsel routinely defends these types of
legal challenges on behalf of students and teachers!

++ As the new school year begins, we must take action.

This is our call to action! Leftists and anti-religious
organizations like the ACLU are increasing their bullying
of school systems, teachers, educators, and parents through
unlawful “consent decrees,” intimidation, and blatant
misrepresentation and deception.

Do not be misled by their carefully orchestrated
attacks and maliciously crafted messages of
misinformation and propaganda. There are counter-
measures and solutions available to every citizen
of The United States!

The “Patriot’s Handbook of Religious Freedom in Public Schools”
contains those measures and solutions. This booklet should
be in every home and school in America. The handbook covers
the following topics – and more.

*What are student’s rights in public schools?
*What are educator’s rights in public schools?
*What about religious liberty at graduation and other
seasonal activities?
*What about religious groups meeting on school grounds?
*What are your rights as a parent or guardian of a student?
*What about public access to school buildings?

I believe that this resource, containing this type of crucial
information about the rights of educators, parents and students,
has never before been produced in such a compact, easy to
carry format.  And it’s yours at no charge when you sign
Liberty Counsel’s Statement on Religious Freedom in Public

++The fact is, our civil rights ARE NOT left at the classroom

Today, millions of children will walk into an environment of
leftist indoctrination.  Many will be summarily stripped of
their civil rights, experience bullying and blatant ridicule,
and suffer the censorship of religious expressions.

This is the disturbing pattern of things to come, unless
concerned citizens take action! Knowing and understanding
our rights is a crucially important first step.

I believe “The Patriot’s Handbook of Religious Freedom in
Public Schools” belongs in every household and school in

In fact, we want to distribute hundreds of thousands
of copies of this valuable resource to school systems,
educators, students and citizens nationwide.

After you order your copy of the book, please consider
forwarding this special offer to your friends and family.

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