Obama Speech As Seen by a Common Citizen: Recycled Peas!

Obama’s ineligibility: Prepare to defend America – Throw Obama under the bus
Lawrence Sellin Full Story

In his speech to a joint session of Congress, Barack Hussein Obama did not present a jobs plan; he left a suicide note.

Obama and the Democrats are in the final stages of a self-destruct sequence, while Republicans passively sit by America’s deathbed like Dr. Kevorkian.
The Easiest Job Is Ascertaining Key Deficiencies in the Obama Jobs Bill and Speech
Aaron I. Reichel, Esq. Full Story

Perhaps the best thing about Obama’s latest proposed jobs bill – The American Jobs Act—is that it has been drafted at a time when one would expect him to be able to truly empathize with his fellow Americans who have lost their jobs or who fear losing them, since he seems poised as never before to lose his own. Now he can finally give the appearance of being able to feel the pain and desperation of his fellow Americans. But feeling the pain isn’t what we need. We need a leader who can prevent the conditions that lead to this pain.
The only newly created “jobs” is the one called Saving America
Judi McLeod Full Story

Number 1 job:
Saving America from Marxism

In the art of politics, image is everything.

The image that transcends even the applauding Congress seals at Obama’s “Pass this Jobs Bill Now” speech last night is the one of his holiday-loving, shopaholic wife Michelle sitting there right beside organized labor leader AFL-CIO top dog Richard Trumka.

Make that sitting right there beside Trumka, a bare three days after Teamster President Jimmy Hoffa reminded her Community Organizer husband:  “This is your army.  We are ready to march.  Let’s take these son of a ##### out and give America back to an America where we belong.  And President Obama, we want one thing: jobs, jobs, jobs…”
Obama Speech As Seen by a Common Citizen: Recycled Peas!
John Lillpop Full Story

During the bloody war over increasing the federal debt ceiling, President Obama warned Americans that it was ‘Time to eat your peas,” a homey reminder of the difficult times and choices that this nation faces.

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