An Open Letter to the U.S. Supreme Court

By, Marion Valentine

Honorable Justices;

By your ruling that  prayers may no longer be allowed in schools or public places, and the banning of displaying symbols of the Christian faith,citing “Separation of Church and State”, which does not appear anywhere in the Constitution. Because prayers and the display of Christian symbols “offended” (nowhere in our Constitution does it give anyone the right to NOT be offended}a minute percentage of the American Population you trampled on the rights of the majority of Americans in the “Free Worship of their faith”. That the state cannot Prevent free worship  IS in the constitution.

By ruling that abortion is a “freedom of choice” to appease a minority of the population, you violated the rights of the majority who think abortion is amoral and downright murder of an innocent life. The freedom of choice should be choosing to forgo the pleasure of conception. Your decision simply removes the responsibility of that choice.

By ruling that vulgar obscene language and images are expressions of art or freedom of speech, again demanded by a minute minority. the rights of the majority who think such things are sinful and amoral are ignored.

We the majority are tired of being ignored, and tired of the rewriting of our constitution by Judges.

I am suggesting  peaceful disobedience by Americans. I suggest that every American display a flag and a cross in their front yard, and wear a flag and a cross pin on their clothing.  When challenged simply say the Constitution does not allow anyone to prevent me from free worship or displaying the symbol of  my liberty.

Supreme Court Justices come and go, and this era of complex web of legal jargon to confuse and deceive the population will pass, and a new court will emerge where the constitution is revered not seen as something to be changed, and common sense will prevail.

Complex things are woven for the sole purpose of deception, but the goal of intelligence is to render complex things simple.

If you agree with this pass it around, sign your name and send it to the Supreme Court, and display a flag and a cross in your front yard.

Like the Baptist preacher said when he ate, pushed back from the table and ate some more till he could no longer reach his plate…


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