By Marion Valentine

When danger threatens the tortoise pulls all appendages into it’s shell andrides it out.

It’s time for America to stop thinking Global Economy and Global markets and start thinking American Economy and American Markets. America can not help or solve any problems in the world when Her own house is in such dissaray.

Immediate steps that could be taken now to start the cleansing. America’s friends will understand and Her enemies won’t care, that we immediately stop all monetary foreign aid to all countries, and supply only emergency food and medical supplies in the face of a natural disaster.

Immediately stop funding the United Nations. Disband and de-fund the Department of Energy, The EPA, the  Department Of Education. Examine the purpose for creation and the performance of all agencies and departments and disband or cut funding for all that have not had a positive effect.

Close all overseas military bases that are not vital to our national defense.

Use all resources of the Department of Immigration to SECURE the border  FIRST. Once the Borders are secure local Law enforcement can handle the Illegal aliens who are already here.

Set up a data base with companies who need temporary workers in conjunction with Mexican officials who will help to vette and streamline the process for supplying those workers.

Freeze spending in all departments at 2008 levels until redundant and worthless departments can be eliminated.

With an entire administration and Congress behaving like a turtle on a fence post, with no idea how it got in this situation, and even less of an idea about a solution, it will take men and women of strong moral character to stand up and put AMERICA FIRST

Another thing, Congress may no longer vote to give themselves a pay raise or other perks. A pay raise for Congress must be approved by the people  at the ballot box.

I say all of this knowing that Government is the problem not the solution. We The People are the solution, and only We can turn this Country around and leave a once again proud America for our children and grandchildren.

So Turtle up America. clean our own house and again America will be the Shining City On the Hill.

God has not forsaken America, America has forsaken God, and when we realize that and take a stand  God will answer our prayers to Bless America AGAIN.

Religious leaders are afraid to preach the truth, and only give “feel good” messages. People are afraid to stand and Pray where when and how they want to, and are afraid to display symbols of their faith.


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