Glenn Beck on Obama’s ‘Dictator’ Speech to LA RAZA

This morning, Glenn Beck highlighted Barack Hussein Obama’s ridiculous ‘tempted to be a dictator’ speech to La Raza he gave yesterday. It was, in a word, enlightening. If you have friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers, church congregation members, or other peers who are still trying to give Obama the benefit of the doubt, or who aren’t yet willing to cross the line and join our movement, this is yet another great tool with which one can convince any honest, open-minded American, to stand up and do the right thing.

Here’s the way Glenn Beck’s website characterized Obama’s ‘Tempting to be a Dictator’ speech to La Raza:

President Obama gave a speech to La Raza the other day and admitted that “the idea of doing things on my own is very tempting” when it came to dealing with Congress over the debt deal. And while he added the caveat that our democracy doesn’t work like that – the crowd was cheering the possibility of Obama side stepping Congress and doing things his own way. The whole scenario reminded Glenn and Pat of (nerd alert) the scene in the Star Wars prequel where Palpatine grants himself emergency powers – effectively making him The Emperor – as the Senate cheers on. Pat even played audio from the scene where Natalie Portman’s character says, “This is how liberty dies, with thunderous applause.”

Here’s Glenn Beck’s reaction to Obama’s La Raza speech, where he admits he’s ‘tempted’ to be a Dictator:


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Ralph RoshtoPermalink Reply by Ralph Roshto 1 hour ago
How easily we were led astray.  The “super” congress is proof of the irrelevancy of congress.  If twelve people can lead this nation, eliminate the rest.  Then, it will be easier still for the little tyrant to take complete control.  It’s almost over, folks.  Keep your powder dry.
Geoff PacePermalink Reply by Geoff Pace 8 minutes ago

After we let this insanity run amok, we will surround ourselves with the path of least resistance as a people. Most of us will sell out to be “safe and secure.” There will be vestiges of us – the Remnant- who will choose to avoid the highways and byways and lead parallel lives to the complete totalitarian control that is awaiting the masses. We will congregate in our enclaves, caves, “covenant” communities and “tent cities.,” and wilderness areas  a la those Freeman in “Dune” or the Woodland folk in Europe of the book “Fahrenheit 451.” After the world tears itself apart, we will re-emerge with the unseen host of Heaven behind us by night as a pillar of fire and by a Sword of Truth and Justice by day and we will forge our way back into the realm the Lord has awaiting us. What is happening now across the world is irreversible in and of itself. There is a new word awaiting many of us. I will be with those who are on the Lord’s side. So, WHO is on the Lord’s side, who?

Marion Arnold Valentine Sr.Permalink Reply by Marion Arnold Valentine Sr. 1 minute ago

God has not forsaken America, America has forsaken God, and when we realize that and take a stand  God will answer our prayers to Bless America AGAIN.

Religious leaders are afraid to preach the truth, and only give “feel good” messages. People are afraid to stand and Pray wher when and how they want to, and are afraid to display symbols of their faith.


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