Obama Has Done his Job Well: USA All But Destroyed

Socialism’s God—Karl Marx: Was He Stupid, Insane…or Possessed?
By Kelly O’Connell Full Story

imageKarl Marx lived from 1818-1883. The question addressed today is whether Marx accidentally created the most inefficient and murderous set of beliefs in history, or if something more dreadful was at work in his mind and heart.

The crux is whether Marx simply gave up belief in God, or more darkly—decided to cast his lot with Satan against Yahweh, in spite of the implications?

Surprisingly, Marx made a large number of statements seemingly in support of the Devil, judgment and hell. But the reader can decide themselves the question of this essay—whether Marx was stupid, crazed or diabolical.
Obama’s ineligibility: Prepare to defend America – Time to take over the government
By Lawrence Sellin Full Story

imageThere is nothing fundamentally wrong with the United States or the Constitution. We have no problem that cannot be solved. We just have terrible leaders.

The worst characteristic in any leader is hubris, which is best described as a combination of arrogance and stupidity. Sadly, our current leaders in Washington, D.C. have an abundance of it.
Still Fighting for His Country
By Jim O’Neill Full Story

image(Editor’s Note: American hearts broken over yesterday’s tragic loss of 30 American soldiers, most of them elite Navy SEALs, include those of SEAL-for-Life Jim O’Neill and Marine Jerry McConnell. From foreign soil, Courageous SEALS have kept us living in freedom for decades. Today marks the 69th anniversary of McConnell’s arrival on Guadalcanal and the beginning of the epic World War II battle.)

“The circle of life begins at home midst family, then sometimes it ends away from home, but still in midst of family, now called friends. They were as much my brothers as if we shared the same last name. I couldn’t have loved them more.” Jerry McConnell—First Marine Division, First Marine Regiment, 3rd Battalion, K Company

It is important that as many Americans as possible wake up to the dire straits we are in, and it is especially important that the young adults of America wake up to how they are being led down a path to servitude, poverty, and mediocrity by the political/banking/corporate elites.
Passage of the Debt Limit Flies in the Face of National Voters
By Jerry McConnell Full Story

imageWell, the arrogant and anti-Americans in our government, starting at the top with the most arrogant and anti-American foreigner who poses as a natural born American citizen and usurps our presidency, have once again gotten their way and have doomed us into even deeper debt than the historical depths we now despair.

Obama, Reid, Pelosi have chided us on the disastrous effects that would destroy our country if the infamous ‘debt limit’ was not increased by August 2, 2011.  They have called a very courageous and patriotic country loving group of real citizens of America, the Tea Party followers such disparaging name as “traitors”, “terrorists” and other ill conceived labels, trying to make themselves look good while they push for some further destruction of our country, well beyond where they have pushed it so far.
Obama Has Done his Job Well:  USA All But Destroyed
By Sher Zieve Full Story

By now, I assume everyone who isn’t comatose has heard about the Standard & Poor’s downgrading of the USA’s economic stability from AAA to AA+.  Despite the White House feverishly working to spin the news for we-the-proletariat—and hinting that ‘it really means nothing’—I suspect there is much celebrating going on behind the scenes.  Since ratings were established, this is the first time in History that the United States of America has been downgraded.

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