Root-Cause of Job Woes in Two Words: Barack Obama

By John W. Lillpop

President Obama is supposed to a world-class intellect, a man endowed with a brilliant mind not often found among mortals.

Why, then, is he unable to understand that his anti-business, anti-success rhetoric is a major factor in the reluctance of business leaders to hire new employees?

The perfect example: Immediately after signing the bill to increase the debit ceiling, and more ominously, the deficit amount, Obama pledged that future actions on the budget/deficit must include additional taxes on the “wealthy,” liberal-speak for those scoundrels with the audacity and guts to succeed.

That would also be the same people who own and run business enterprises which employ Americans!

Just what is the point in scaring away the very people who can hire? Additional taxes and regulations, mantra of the Obama-led far left, are job killers, and Obama knows, or should know, that to be true.

Obama’s silver, but bitter, tongue has lambasted business time and again, to the point where business regards the administration as an enemy of job growth. The uncertainty created when Obama speaks his Marxist nonsense stifles any hope for legitimate recovery.

During the recent mud-wrestling euphemistically called the debt-ceiling debate, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker John Boehner each reached the same conclusion after months of interaction with Obama:

The spending and deficit crisis in America cannot be seriously addressed while Obama is president.

The same is true of the unemployment quagmire. With Obama in the Oval Office, recovery is literally impossible.

Which leads one to conclude that the perfect gift for Obama on the occasion of his 50th birthday would be: A fitted muzzle to mute his anti-business blathering!

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