Welcome to the OSA (formerly USA), Fellow Slaves!

`Hobbiting’ Obama
By Judi McLeod Full Story

imageIt’s depressing that only 66 Republicans voted against increasing the long out-of-control federal debt limit, but even so it’s no time to despair.

In the battle forged against the people by elected politicians of both stripes increasing the limit upwards of $2.4 trillion—the largest increase in the debt limit in U.S. history by a margin of half a trillion dollars—writ large in actual records published by the poorly named Government Accountability Office and the Congressional Research Service.
Tea Party Hobbits Vs. Sauron and His Minions
By Jim O’Neill Full Story

image[Gandalf said],“‘Always after a defeat and a respite, the Shadow takes another shape and grows again.’ ‘I wish it need not have happened in my time,’ said Frodo. ‘So do I,’ said Gandalf, ‘and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us. And already, Frodo, our time is beginning to look black. The enemy is fast becoming very strong.’”  —J.R.R. Tolkien (1892-1973) “The Fellowship of the Ring”

“There are other forces at work in this world, Frodo, besides the will of evil.”—From the LOTR film trilogy “The Fellowship of the Ring”

John McCain, Maureen Dowd, “The Wall Street Journal” (WSJ), and others, have taken to referring to the Tea Party, and conservative members of Congress, as “hobbits”—the wee folk from the “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy (LOTR). As Brian Wesbury notes, “This is not a term of endearment. What the WSJ editors [et al.] mean is that Tea Partiers live in a ‘fantasy world.’”
Happy Hobbits?
By Paula Helton Full Story

Rejoice Hobbits; the Wall Street Journal has proclaimed “Tea Party Triumph”. To quote from their August 1 Editorial, “The big picture is that the deal is a victory for the cause of smaller government, arguably the biggest since welfare reform in 1996”. By the way, how is that welfare reform working out for you since we have more Americans collecting food stamps than at any time in our history?
Government Amateurs vs Government Professionals
By Daniel Greenfield Full Story

In the budget debate, government amateurs took on government professionals. And the professionals won. This is only to be expected. Professionals usually have the inside track in whatever field they’re in. Not only do they hold the higher ground, but they know all the loopholes and how to shape the dialogue.
Welcome to the OSA (formerly USA), Fellow Slaves!
By Sher Zieve Full Story

imageToday, it all changes.  Everything we have known is being transformed.  The Obama States of America is officially being established by the former Democrat and Republican parties.  Today, we are all Obama-Stalinists and will now happily give everything we own over to the Obama government.  In other words, we will embrace our slavery with smiles on our faces—or else.

Despite our efforts to stop it, both Republicans and Democrats voted to give Dictator-in-Chief Obama trillions of dollars more (which we no longer have) in this reality-show marking the end of the manufactured and phony “debt crisis.”  Note:  There wouldn’t be any crisis if Congress and the illegal POTUS would agree to stop spending and sending our money to their globalist friends overseas.  But, they refuse.

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