The real Washington monster mash

Laura’s E-Blast
August 3, 2011
The real Washington monster mash

In her NYT column, Maureen Dowd takes a bloody hatchet to the tea partiers. Their holding out for a more principled debt deal makes the tea party conservatives scary, marauding ghouls in Mo’s mind. My favorite paragraph:

“They were like cannibals, eating their own party and leaders alive. They were like vampires, draining the country’s reputation, credit rating and compassion. They were like zombies, relentlessly and mindlessly coming back again and again to assault their unnerved victims….”

First, if anyone should be wearing a hockey mask, it’s Nancy “Jason” Pelosi, who stalked the American workers for years, trying to bleed them of money and freedom. And she was empowered by her monster friend, “Barack The Ripper,” who has proven adept at asphyxiating the American workforce, and strangling our economic hopes. Their real victims are our children and successive generations who will struggle mightily in a debt ridden house of horrors. The good news for us (bad for Dowd, apparently) is that it’s not in our DNA to lie back and play the passive victims.

We are finding new, more potent weapons in our battle to save America. The tea party has forced some daylight into the vampires’ lair. And the bloodsuckers in Washington are none too happy about it. They are desperate to return to the darkness, where they can plot their victims’ fate behind closed doors. This is how they passed jobs-killing Obamacare and the un-stimulus. They are ravenous. But their strength is waning. They are gasping for breath.

In the end, the beasts of bureaucracy will die a slow, painful death. Isn’t that the way a classic horror movie should end?

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