Imprisoning Our Children and Grandchildren Behind a Fence of Debt

Democrats took control of Both houses of Congress in Jan. 2007, and control of the White house in Jan. 2009..Every penny spent since that time was authorized by them. You only have to look at the rise in the national debt since Jan. 2007 to see who put us in this situation. It’s bad that the Dems have the nerve to blame Bush and Republicans…It’s worse that a multitude of fools believe them when the stark facts show otherwise

Obama and the Liberal congress have built a fence of debt our children and grandchildren will be imprisoned behind for decades to come..It is time we tell Congress to throw their own money over the fence and maybe they can find a way to tear it down. As long as they are able to borrow and print money and take from hard working Americans they will just keep building the fence higher.

As you know I grew up as a sharecropper’s son in rural Mississippi, and we did a lot of hunting to put meat on the table. When I was  about 6 years old, hunting with my dad,  complaining about a creek too wide, a gully too deep or a fence too high, dad  said, “Son when you get to something you think you can’t cross throw something  you love  dearly to the other side and you will find a way.”

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