Sleepless in WhopperVille: ‘Blankies’ for Barry!

The Democratic Party it controlled by an extreme leftist, anti-American and subversive element
Obama’s ineligibility: Prepare to defend America – The insanity must be stopped

By Lawrence Sellin Full Story

My message to the American people: you are not insane, but the politicians and the mainstream media are.

Most of the time, they are lying to you, trying to manipulate you or ridiculing you, if you question their “wisdom”, no matter how wrong they might be.
Sleepless in WhopperVille:
‘Blankies’ for Barry!

By Judi McLeod Full Story

imageValerie Jarrett, who sings most of his bedtime lullabies, claims Obama is “getting absolutely no sleep”  because of the debt crisis.  Take just a moment here to listen for the imaginary sounds of violins.

Jarrett, who arguably did more than any other living person paving the way for the ‘First President of No Credentials’ to make it to the Oval Office,  would be better to sympathize with the hapless victims of her slum landlady misery.
Is liberty really “radical”?
Liberty Lovers Are Counter-Revolutionaries

By Tim Dunkin Full Story

imageOne of the favorite memes of the insane Left is that those of us on the Right are “dangerous.”  We’re “radical.”  We’re crazy nuts who are just chomping at the bit to destroy progressive freedom, social justice, and all that other stuff.  In short, they, using their lackeys in the media, academia, and other institutions, try to pass off lovers of liberty and traditional American freedom as being revolutionaries bent on destroying the hard-won “progress” that the Left has foisted off onto the nation for the past forty years or more.

However, regardless of how much they try to snooker the American people with their talking heads and one-sided propaganda, we have to ask ourselves – is liberty really “radical”?  Is it really revolutionary to want to return this country back to a place where the Constitution really and truly is the law of the land, not just in word, but in deed as well?  Not if the word “revolutionary” has any meaning – which as a word, it does.
You are being duped by a narcissistic, smoke- blowing, socialistic con man with only one thing in mind…to create chaos in order to give himself dictatorial powers
Call the monarchy’s bluff

By Armand C. Hale Full Story

To the American People…you are being duped. Really! You are being duped by a narcissistic, smoke- blowing, socialistic con man with only one thing in mind…to create chaos in order to give himself dictatorial powers to do whatever he wants. Super Congress? Nyet. Another name for the Politburo and another avenue to usurp our Constitution. Thinking he can up the debt limit on his own without Congressional Approval? Beliefs of a dictator not a President. Continue to violate the Rule of Law as these past 2 years have consistently shown. It must lead to the path of out of office.
Unions, as monopoly sellers of labor, have the power to push wages above the competitive level in the marketplace
Labor Unions, GE, and the Job Czar

By Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh Full Story

In a free market economy, no single wage level applies to all workers. In general, wage differentials are determined by the fact that we have many labor markets, each with its own supply and demand and equilibrium wage.

Each worker in a specific labor market has certain ability and expends a degree of effort commensurate with their ability and work ethic. Other factors of production make American workers more productive because they have generous supplies of machinery, natural resources, and technical expertise.  Therefore, they earn higher wages. Some workers have a superior education, training, and experience.
Reduce the Size, Scope, Spending of the Federal Government
Raising the Debt Ceiling Just Doesn’t Cut it

By Morry Markovitz Full Story

Note:  This article was originally published as a blog comment at the Tea Party Nation website.

This is about the three S’s—as will soon be made clear.

After Speaker Boehner’s repeated criticism of Democrats for wanting merely to “kick the can down the road” on the debt-ceiling/spending-cut crisis, we now know what he really meant:

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