Hold em, fold em, walk away or run

Stand up for your beliefs, Bill of Rights the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution

Hold em, fold em, walk away or run

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 By Marion Valentine  Tuesday, July 13, 2010Everything you own and hold dear is on the table,  your way of life and possibly even your life. Will you hold to the principles founded on teachings of the Bible that our founders advocated? The principles and traditions which made America the greatest country on earth. A country which has made more advances in medicine, technology, has done more to eradicate poverty, and has freed more people from tyrannical bondage than any country in the world.

Will you hold to those principles and traditions?

Will you fold and give up everything you own and hold dear to an ever expanding government?. A government brought into being by over one hundred years of propaganda, indoctrination,
fraud, intimidation, and baby steps towards Global Governance. A Government who has already placed a burden of debt on our children and grand children that can never be repaid.  A Government which rewards failure and laziness and punishes hard work and success.  A government that proclaims that it knows best, it will make the choices for you that you are too stupid to make for yourself.A government that is slowly taking away your Liberty and God given rights while telling you it is your moral duty to go along with their policies.

Will you fold and willingly become a slave to an all powerful Police State?

Will you walk away if you are intimidated by Black panthers, union goons or ACORN thugs? Thugs and goons organized and financed by this Government to take away your right to vote, while allowing illegal aliens, the dead and felons to vote.

Will you walk away believing you are too small, weak and afraid to stand up?

Will you run from door to door, running your mouth, telling your friends, family, neighbors, anyone who will listen what is going on? Will you educate yourself in the
true history of America, the founding fathers, the Federation Papers, the Bill of Rights the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution? Will you share what you have learned? Will you thoroughly investigate everyone running for public office, local, state and federal to make sure they share your values and principles?

Will you run at those who are trying to fundamentally change every aspect of America into something our founding fathers would not recognize?  Run at them with such overwhelming strength a conviction, they will back down.



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