Obama Speech: Non-political Address of National Importance, or Political Spam?

By John W. Lillpop

CHANGE, more unwanted change, brought to We the People from the inept poser-in-chief, Barack Obama!

Traditionally, the announcement that the “President will address the nation at 9PM this evening,” is delivered in somber tones with classical music in the background, and means that:

( )America is about to engage in Kinetic Military Action (War in American English); or

( )America has been attacked, like on 9-11-01, 12-07-41; or

( )The brains of a high-value enemy combatant (Osama bin Laden) have been blown to smithereens, and the evil carcass has already buried at sea; or

( )A corrupt, lying weasel is getting the hell out of Washington before being forcibly removed from office (Richard Millhouse Nixon).

Those used to be the rules of engagement for major addresses to the American people from the president.

Until last night, that is.

In yet another foul misjudgment of epic proportions, Barack Obama has transformed the storied “Address to the Nation” from a unifying, inspirational message from the most power man on earth to everyday, average U.S. citizens into a tawdry campaign stop where the incumbent hawks Marxism and other anti-American pap to unsuspecting citizens, and does so on the dimes of networks and cable companies.

The real tragedy is that while Obama was delivering his “Collateral Damage” warning and John Boehner was responding in kind, no one was working on the bloody debt-crisis!

In his coast-to-coast spam-athon, Obama used all the catch phrases and cliches to get those “phones ringing,”– at the office of Speaker Boehner.

Repeatedly, The One uttered the words “Fair Share” and “balanced” in his non-paid spam blast to convince the American people that a monthly federal deficit of $100 billion or so is not so much a spending problem, as it is a major rip-off by those who already pay 90 percent of all taxes and whom should be forced to pay even more to fund liberal spending eccentricities.

That argument in a society where most people pay zero—nada, none—in taxes is specious, at best!

If Obama really gave a tinker’s dam about the economy and the public debt, he would work to close the outrageous loopholes that allow anyone still capable of inhaling to pay NO TAXES!

Because whether progressive nut balls accept it or not, zero TAXES is NOT a “fair share” for anyone!

Any future Obama “Address to the Nation” must be carefully reviewed by cable and network executives to assure that the integrity of the medium is maintained.

That, and a crawler reading, “800-obamasucks” on the bottom of the screen would help put this nonsense in proper perspective!

John W. Lillpop
San Jose, California
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