Obama’s Administration and Democrat Accomplices Want to Spend America into Holocaustic Destruction

Due to the open question regarding Obama’s eligibility for office, all laws signed, all executive orders given and all appointments made by him must be held in abeyance
Obama’s ineligibility: Prepare to defend America – Time to act

By Lawrence Sellin Full Story

imageBarack Hussein Obama made a mockery of the Presidential oath of office, when he swore to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

For the last two and a half years, Obama and his radical cronies, have, with the permission of the rest of government, slowly and effectively dismantled it.
Federal Debt Ceiling: Planlessness and budgetlessness of the Obama/Reid Democrats
Obama’s Administration and Democrat Accomplices Want to Spend America into Holocaustic Destruction

By Jerry McConnell Full Story

After months and months of discussion and observing Republican plans for fiscal sanity as the deadline date for increasing the Federal Debt Ceiling approaches to August 02, 2011, the entire Democrat population of the U. S. House of Representatives, the U. S. Senate and the entire Obama Administration has submitted NOTHING even resembling a fiscal plan except to verbally call for an increase in the debt limit.
For some even amidst the most painful of human sorrows it’s get-even politics as usual
Blaming the innocent for Mass Murderers

By Judi McLeod Full Story

Why is it that society can now count on certain latter-day media to add to the horror of evil crazed mass murderers like Anders Breivik by deliberately roping in faultless bystanders in the aftermath of the heinous slaughter of innocents?
Should we fully adopt the illegal alien and liberal multiculturalism agenda that is currently destroying Europe?
Multiculturalism and English First

By Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh Full Story

imageTo become part of the fabric of this society and its melting pot, you have to learn English. It is illogical to refuse adopting the language of the majority – there are too many missed opportunities and self-marginalization in a society where the sky is the limit.

If your goal is to reject 235 years of U.S. history and culture by changing it into your vision of Latin hood, then Spanish-only barrios make sense. There is also the option of going back where you came from if this country’s customs, language, religion, and culture offend you.
Anders Breivik: A Fundamentalist Christian, Hated Muslims, Inspired by Counterjihad Bloggers, Pro Israel, Moderate, Political Terrorist
Debunking 6 Myths About Anders Breivik

By Daniel Greenfield Full Story

image1. Anders Behring Breivik was a Fundamentalist Christian

Breivik described himself as not a religious person and mentions praying only once. His plans leading up to the attacks involved multiple visits to prostitutes. In one section of his manifesto he clarifies what he means by Christian.
The Manchurian Candidate, Grinding America Down
A Most Wonderful Human Being

By William R. Mann Full Story

“Raymond Shaw is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life.”

Movie buffs will recognize this quote from the film: “The Manchurian Candidate” starring Lawrence Harvey and Frank Sinatra. It is a riveting film, released at the very height of the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. The film is a tale of a Soviet Communist plot where brainwashed and conditioned Korean War POWs are released back to the USA with a mission: Return home and assassinate a Presidential Candidate. The Soviets hope that in the ensuing panic and a desire for stability, that Vice-Presidential Candidate [ actually a communist dupe controlled by his wife] would be placed at the top of the ticket and swept into office sympathetically by voters.

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