Obama’s ineligibility: Prepare to defend America – Death of the Democratic Party

Smart Meters: Personal surveillance devices installed in your homes
The Non-Energy Generating Department of Energy and the Smart Grid

By Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh Full Story

imageIf you ask Americans what the Department of Energy does, the majority will tell you, they are tasked with generating electricity and other forms of energy. The real mission of the DOE is quite different.

The Department of Energy was formed after the oil crisis on August 8, 1977 by Jimmy Carter who signed The Department of Energy Organization Act of 1977. It began operations on October 1, 1977. The DOE operates 34 science laboratories.
We have an illegal President, a Congress that tolerates criminal acts and an intentionally impotent judiciary
Obama’s ineligibility: Prepare to defend America – Death of the Democratic Party

By Lawrence Sellin Full Story

When this episode in the American saga is written, historians will note that Barack Obama did not kill the Democratic Party; he was merely the murder weapon.

He represents the Democrats’ suicide cocktail of hubris and a tyrannical lust for power, the arrogance of thinking themselves above the law.
Convention on Biological Diversity: Set aside half the land in America for animals
The UN Wildlands Project…Taking Over America Starting With Florida

By James Lampe Full Story

Almost all Americans know about the United Nations, but few know about Agenda 21, or the US government’s implementation of UN policies.

The UN issued several policies at the 1992 Earth Summit, one of which was the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD).  Compliance with this UN policy is being driven and managed by the Wildlands Network which shares the same goals as the CBD; to set aside half the land in America for animals.
Space exploration is a worthy goal for our country to pursue
NASA: Muslim world here we come

By Jeff Crouere Full Story

Now that the space shuttle program has been retired, NASA can start focusing on its primary mission: reaching out to the Muslim world.

In 1961, John F. Kennedy promised that America would be the first country to land a man on the moon. It was an exciting time for the space program and many amazing accomplishments were achieved, including the fulfillment of Kennedy’s promise, the moon landing of 1969.
Sweet Freedom, Of Thee We Sing!
What is Liberty, That We May Defend It?

By Kelly O’Connell Full Story

imageIs American Liberty under attack? Perhaps more so than any time since the Revolution. We see this daily in how our government regularly misleads us; making foolhardy economic decisions, then treating citizens alarmed at record deficits like madmen. It repeatedly tramples our rights as if we were slaves. The Constitution is displayed as an elaborate, ancient joke. Politicians present themselves as gods, above error, who dismiss dissent as if it were the babble of infants. Between irrational new laws, and the government’s refusal to enforce common sense rules, Americans feel trapped and betrayed by increasingly tyrannical leaders.
The neo-fascist Democrats and their “reach-across-the-aisle” running dog RINOs need to be gotten out of government, the sooner the better, and by any means legally possible
Degenerate Generation

By Michael Oberndorf, RPA Full Story

$93,236,500. That’s how much the American taxpayers shell out every year for the salaries of senators and congressmen.

$794,033,090. That’s how much the American taxpayers shell out, on average, every year for the expenses of said senators and congressmen.

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