The Socialist’s Formula For World Domination

Infiltrate, Indoctrinate, Demoralize, Intimidate

The Socialist’s Formula For World Domination

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 By Marion Valentine  Saturday, February 19, 2011What is the difference between Marxism, Communism, and Socialism? These days, not much. In the beginning the main difference was disagreement on how to achieve their common goal of complete control of a Nation’s people, resources and wealth.

The ideologies melded over the years and even though the movement for world domination suffered many setbacks, Communism did not die with the fall of the Berlin wall and the rending of the iron curtain.The word Communism became so unpopular the name changed to Socialism, then Liberalism, then to Progressive. They have even been somewhat open about what they are doing, the Communist goals for the United States were entered into the Congressional record in June, 1963,  take a look at those goals and see how many have been fulfilled. (click on the link below to see the Communist goals, and the video interview with Yuri Bezmenov)They stopped using bombs and tanks to conquer and pillage, their formula now is, I. I. D. I. N. Infiltrate, Indoctrinate, Demoralize, Intimidate then follows Normalization. Normalization is achieved when the entire world is enslaved by a Global Government made up of the “Ruling Elite”. Infiltration started in the U.S.  in earnest in the late 1940s. Indoctrination began in earnest in the 1960s. A KGB agent, Yuri Bezmenov who defected in 1970 and taped an interview (video and partial transcript embedded here

America In Peril

Yuri Bezmenov said in 1984 that the Indoctrination and Demoralization of America was complete. The promotion of ugly art and music and calling it beautiful, the promotion of promiscuity, perversion and nudity are now considered “freedom of speech”.  and “freedom of expression.” Bezmenov said the American people after 25 years of indoctrination and demoralization were no longer able to assimilate true information, that showered with facts, photos, and even seeing with their own eyes they still would not believe.

America is now in the Intimidation stage, as witnessed by the attacks on critics of the Administration. The threats to Insurance companies and banks that would not accept Government control. All that is needed now is a Crisis severe enough to give the Government an excuse to isolate incarcerate and neutralize dissenters. A pandemic such as a more deadly (mutated version) of the H1N1 virus could be used as an excuse,  plus any number of “Created Crisis”, such, financial meltdown, food or energy shortages, or “Created violence”  during lawful peaceful protests.

If the current health care plan is passed, and the Cap and Trade Bill is passed, the attacks on dissenters will continue until the people are enslaved. Then there will be a period of Normalization. Every aspect of American lives will be controlled by the Government.

The Bottom Line is that the Socialists have infiltrated our educational system, our political parties, our media, and the Unions, and are working night and day to bring about their idea of Utopia, a Global Government controlled by the “Enlightened Few”  who know better than those they have enslaved what those slaves need.


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