Obama is Determined to Destroy America

Can they say YES! to the “shovel ready” solution known as Cut, Cap, and Balance?
Obama, Senate Democrats Need to Say YES! to Cut, Cap, and Balance!

By John Lillpop Full Story

During President Obama’s emotional tirade on Friday, he fumed about Republicans and posed the following question, “Can they say yes to anything?

The answer to that rhetorical gouging is an emphatic: Yes! they can, and have already done so!
Neither the White House, nor the Democrats in Congress have put forth any plans, let alone any numbers, other than to propose tax increases, now euphemistically called “revenue” increases
Obama is Determined to Destroy America

By Alan Caruba Full Story

imageIt is astonishing that Barack Obama seemingly learned nothing from the 2010 national elections in which the Republicans regained control of the House with a net total of 63 seats. For the Democrats it represented the greatest loss in the House midterm election since 1938, which occurred nearly ten years into the Great Depression.

It is the House that determines the spending and borrowing to maintain the nation, though the President traditionally sends a budget. Obama did not. Indeed, as Speaker of the House, John Boehner, has said, Obama has never put anything on paper. Negotiating Obama’s demands have changed week to week and now day to day.

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