Obama’s ineligibility: Prepare to defend America – A Congress of criminals

Obama’s ineligibility: Prepare to defend America – A Congress of criminals
By Lawrence Sellin Full Story

imageWe must now accept the fact that the present United States Congress is hopelessly corrupt.

They are deliberately ignoring legitimate requests by the American people to address the fact that Barack Obama is an illegal President and to investigate the evidence that he has committed felonies.

I have received many emails from readers, who have petitioned their members of Congress multiple times only to have their pleas completely disregarded.
Adult or tyrant – you be the judge!
By A.J. Cameron Full Story

The GOP’s response to the Presidential tyranny during the debt-ceiling impasse has been startling and heartening!  There is hope for our future.  Thank you, TEA Party!  The question is, ‘How many more summits do GOP leaders need to be subjected to, solely for the tyrant’s grandstanding, to realize this Present-dent NEVER intends to improve our economy, an economy he has worked behind the scenes to bring it to its knees?’  To paraphrase ‘Captain’ in ‘Cool Hand Luke,’ ‘What we have, here, is failure to negotiate!’  Isn’t it amazing that a tyrant is touted as the adult in the room?’
We Are All Barbarians
By Doug Patton Full Story

Marcus and Michele Bachmann are embarking on the greatest adventure and the worst nightmare of their lives. When the Minnesota congresswoman announced that she was running for president of the United States, she threw down the gauntlet to the enemies of decency and tradition. The Bachmanns clearly knew they were in for one wild ride, as evidenced by the latest attack on them by the homosexual lobby and the weasels in the mainstream media.
Obama’s Amateur Paint-by-Numbers Liberalism Driving the World Off a Cliff
By Kelly O’Connell Full Story

Did you happen to catch Obama’s recent budget speech where he advised the little man to step aside to allow the “experts”—that is, the professional politicians—to address the nation’s most serious problems? If you didn’t swoon after that miracle of delusion, you may want to go get tested for terminal cognitive dissonance. Here is what Barack said when asked why the vast majority of Americans did not support a higher debt ceiling:

Let me distinguish between professional politicians and the public at large. You know, the public is not paying close attention…

Pants on fire
By Michael Oberndorf, RPA Full Story

By now, even the deaf, dumb, and blind know that neo-fascist Democrats, in general, and B. Hussein Obama-Soetoro, in particular, cannot open their mouths without lying. Pick a subject, and they will lie about it. What is truly amazing, though, is the patent absurdity of their most recent lies.

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