Every Flaw of Barack’s Tenure is Easily Explained by His Immature Worldview

Every Flaw of Barack’s Tenure is Easily Explained by His Immature Worldview
Obama’s Petulant, Passive Aggressive Leadership Reveals a Fixed Adolescent Mindset

By Kelly O’Connell Full Story

imageIs there any mindset which defines Obama’s default attitude better than to say it is simply “adolescent?” No, for the following reasons. Barack’s interactions with the real world evokes from him responses which can be described as: angry; superior, haughty, dismissive, dishonest, petulant, cocky, petty, vengeful, mocking, holier-than-thou, and full of faux-insights and dishonesty. In other words, Barack acts like a big kid pretending to be someone he’s not, everyday on the job. This is not only aggravating to observe, and depressing to consider, but worse—extraordinarily dangerous for a leader.
Islam’s growing extremism
The Insidious Kumbaya on American College Campuses

By Ashraf Ramelah Full Story

On June 7, President Obama appointed Azizah al-Hibri, a Muslim professor and scholar, to the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom.  Obama has already taken al-Hibri’s advice to stand up for Muslims against their American critics.  According to Daniel Greenfield’s article entitled “The Professor Who Sharia’ed Bill Clinton” (FrontPage Mag.com article of June 14), Al-Hibri called on Obama to do so at an ISNA meeting two months before her appointment, and she has spent a good deal of her time promoting Islamic law in the United States advocating that Sharia law is superior to American law.
Lack of long term thinking manifests itself as a lack of responsibility
Government of Sociopaths

By Daniel Greenfield Full Story

imageIt’s politically risky to raise taxes. It’s politically risky to cut spending. The one thing that isn’t politically risky to do is go deeper and deeper into debt. Whatever agreement evolves or devolves out of congress it will likely allow Republicans to satisfy their base by cutting spending a little, allow Democrats to satisfy their base by raising taxes a little, and kick the ball down the road by going deeper into debt.

The real subject of this is not Medicare or the Stimulus plan—it’s long term thinking

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