Obama and his aides on top of the world – American workers in the toilet

Organized Cheating
By Arnold Ahlert
178 teachers and principals spread throughout 56 schools were investigated, and cheating on tests — by the educators themselves

The Obama Legacy
By News on the Net
Political elite is selling us down a river by devaluing our currency, thereby initiating inflation

Is it Obama’s America or Darby’s Castle?
By Rev. Michael Bresciani
We cannot afford four more years of Barack Obama

The Jewish Vote
By Daniel Greenfield
The American Jewish population in a generation will be more conservative, less urban and less tied to the dinosaur leftist organizations that have exerted a death grip on Jewish life

Obama and his aides on top of the world – American workers in the toilet
By Dr. Laurie Roth
Let’s kick him and all the other anti American, progressive leftists out in 2012

The Last Refuge of Liberty
By Daniel Greenfield
The left today, which promises liberty through equality, but delivers only tyranny through bureaucracy

American Politics, Freedom

Obama’s Legacy
By Frank Gaffney Jr.   —American Politics
America arguably has no more mortal enemy than the Muslim Brotherhood

We are the Promised Land of Christianity
By Online   —American Life
It is upon Jesus’ definition of Freedom that our funding fathers established our nation

Venturing into the Liar’s Den!
By A.J. Cameron   —American Politics
The American taxpayer needs a ‘Daniel’ to stand up to the Liars in the den, ‘shutting the liars’ mouths, that they do not hurt the American taxpayer.’

Casey Anthony: Must everything be about race?
By Lloyd Marcus   —American Life
The “black eternal victim chip”

The Tipping Point: Embracing the Muslim Brotherhood
By Frank Gaffney Jr.   —American Politics
The enemy within

A New Declaration of Independence for a New Revolution
By Warner Todd Huston   —American Politics
Return to our true American character

The Debt Ceiling Fiction
By Alan Caruba   —American Politics
The Republicans have put forward a plan to solve the debt problem. The Democrats have not even produced a budget in more than 800 days

E-Verify and the Emerging Surveillance State
By Tom Deweese   —American Freedom
Subjecting all Americans to an International databank

A Republic, If…
By Mike Foil   —American Freedom
Republic, Democracy, Mobocracy and the Constitution

Flash mob at Cape Cod Stop and Shop
By News on the Net   —American Life
Spirit of America Band

Noam Chomsky Gets Half a Clue
By Selwyn Duke   —American Politics
No matter how many people call you a “renowned” intellectual, you’re perhaps not all that smart

Our creeping tyranny
By Joan R. Neubauer    —American Freedom
Charismatic leader; Disregard for law; Oppression of over-regulation; Confiscation of wealth through unjust taxes; Burden of debt

Independence Day revival
By News on the Net   —American Politics
Imperious politicians need reminding that today’s patriots are watching

The Left is Seldom Right
By News on the Net   —American LifeMust Read
Why Hollywood has never dealt honestly with either the crimes of Stalinism and the gulags, Pol Pot, Castro, Arafat

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