From Russia With Love

From: Rostislav
Subject: Happy Independence Day!
To: “Marion Valentine” <>
Date: Friday, July 1, 2011, 5:04 PM

Dear Val, I’m taking the liberty of stealing your time again – just to send my heartiest wishes for the 4-th of July, let the Declaration will be always blessed in the history of the world’s civilization! I know that in 2011 your great country is meeting this day in the gravest conditions possible (socialist mobs in Chicago, obscenities to the US anthem, flag and team, chanted in the Los Angeles Rose Bowl, Napolitano and Durbin tenderly embracing illegals in Washington, etc) – sometimes it seems to me, that I’m witnessing a profound transformation of the States, indeed: from the Land of the Free into the Land of the mob-controlled Socialist Bureaucracy. But, while there are real Americans still in this world – like you, like your worthy daughter and son, like Mrs. Sarah Palin, like the excellent crews of the CFP or of the “Human Events”, – I’m far from losing all hope! I am sure that it would mean losing any hopes also for the resurrection of many other countries, including my own, betrayed by Clintons in the nineties.
Today our “KULTURA” TV-channel has gifted me the greatest Independence Day introduction I could never hope for: the good old 1949 “Fountainhead” movie, based on the novel of my favorite Ayn Rand! Ah, what a happy time both me and Gary Cooper had just a few moments ago! As for the 4-th of July itself, I’m going to spend it reading Ann Coulter’s “Demonic” (God bless the speedy “Amazon”!) at the shore of my beloved forest lake, with a drop of Jim Beam and heavenly sounds of Rosemary Cloony/Bing Crossby “Oh, who would come and go with me, I’m bound for the Promised Land” from my tiny player. My guess: even the whole US consulate of Saint-Petersburg wouldn’t be half as thoroughly happy with their celebration as me with mine! And then – back to work again: to prepare another bi-monthly magazine’s issue for our furniture industry with a lot of thrilled reports about new trends, materials and technologies both from Russia and from my recent travels to Turkey, Israel and Germany (truth to tell, the damned air-security’s senseless humiliations are becoming a bit tiresome for my 71 years of KGB all around, but nevertheless it’s always a pleasure to work for my readers in a really fruitful way). Yours, with sincere respect and every good wish from Russia – Slava.

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