Obama’s ineligibility: We now have elective despotism

Congress operates much like the Mafia, except the Mafiosi are not paralyzed with fear when someone calls them “racist” or “birther.”
Obama’s ineligibility: We now have elective despotism

By Lawrence Sellin Full Story

We have elections, but we have no representation. Congress operates much like the Mafia, except the Mafiosi are not paralyzed with fear when someone calls them “racist” or “birther.”

A made man, also known as a wise-guy, is someone who has been officially inducted into the Mafia.
Freedom Flotilla II:
Cruise to Gaza—cocktails at 8

By Judi McLeod Full Story

image‘The Gaza or Bust Boat Trip’ putting out to sea next week has been loftily christened   “Freedom Flotilla II”.  Its self-styled message to a recession-bound world: “Stay Human” from “a rainbow coalition of human rights defenders.”

Make that human rights for everybody but not the Israelis.

Touted loudly as “world citizenry united”, the goal of Freedom Flotilla II is “to lift the illegal siege, completely and permanently and freedom for the Palestinian people.”
Apparently, the ‘president of the world’ doesn’t need the authorization of the U.S. Congress
What Authority Justifies Obama’s Actions in Libya?

By Monte Kuligowski Full Story

At this point, no lingering questions should remain as to whether Barack Obama is faithful to uphold the Constitution and the laws of the United States.

Contrary to popular belief, Mr. Obama did not first violate the War Powers Resolution (Act) on June 19, 2011. The president was in violation the day he committed U.S. Armed Forces to military operations in Libya on March 19. Why the Congress gave him an initial pass is inexplicable.
Our trade with Mainland China, in reality, has financed a world-shaking military build-up aimed directly at the United States
U.S., China, Taiwan and a bitter irony

By Toby Westerman Full Story

Twenty years ago the Soviet union, correctly termed by U.S. President Ronald Reagan as the evil empire, collapsed as the world rejoiced. At that moment, America was the unquestioned superpower, the strongest nation on earth. Today, in one of history’s great ironies, the United States is economically vulnerable, and Communist China appears to be the next world-dominating power.
Common feminist disconnect, Anthony Weiner sexting incident
Testosterone vs. Estrogen: Feminists examine evil and good

By Paul Ibbetson Full Story

The current mentality forwarded today is that feminists don’t bash men. That’s just something angry males say when faced with the undeniable logic forwarded by the women’s movements. If you are a reasonable male and wish to avoid an argument you will keep your eyes forward and just nod in agreement.
Benedict Arnold, Jonathan Pollard, Bradley Manning
Defining a traitor

By William R. Mann Full Story

imageLieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters has written an excellent article about Jonathan Pollard, the US Intelligence Analyst turned Israeli Spy.

Pollard was caught decades ago, was convicted and is currently in prison for his crimes. Colonel Peters says in his essay:

“I have been a dedicated supporter of Israel since childhood. I believe that Israel is worth fighting and dying for. I believe that Israel is an integral part of my civilization. I believe that Israel’s survival is critical on practical, strategic and moral grounds. And I believe that Jonathan Pollard should have been executed for treason and espionage.

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