Shariah Law is a Muslim Killer – Now They Want to Use It On Us

Shariah Law is a Muslim Killer – Now They Want to Use It On Us
By Jerry McConnell Full Story

imageThe United States House of Representatives has 435 members, most of whom claim membership in the two major political parties as well as a handful or so that belong to splinter parties.  Despite the philosophical differences between the two largest parties you would think that something that was assuredly good for the country as a whole would attract the support of a great majority of the entire 435 total membership.

But with this current perverse and contorted group of malcontents there is a standing rule of what is good is really bad and what is bad is really good; it all depends on who the proposer is.  Thus if a measure is offered for legislation by a Republican, you can be certain that it will be rejected by the Democrats; the opposite generally always applies as well.
Liberal Twisted Logic Why Gas is Expensive
By Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh Full Story

Recently, two Washington Post writers, in a half-page spread resplendent with meaningless pie charts and graphs that even a high school student would laugh off, failed miserably to explain, “Why we feel pain at the pump.”

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