Smiley Face Rules

Obama’s ineligibility: A willfully ignorant Congress
By Lawrence Sellin Full Story

imageMake no mistake about it. Congress has chosen cowardice and political expediency over honesty and the rule of law.

Congress knows that Barack Hussein Obama is ineligible for the Presidency according to the natural born citizen clause of the Constitution.

They know that there is sufficient evidence of felonies to warrant an investigation.
Smiley Face Rules
By Judi McLeod Full Story

imageWith a compliant media and a cowardly self-serving congress, bogus is fast becoming the rule of law.

The Obama Regime seems unaware that If you tell a lie often enough, the lie becomes an outrage but never the truth, even when you slap a a Smiley Face on it.

The tacky Smiley Face has become the most recognizable symbol of the culture of the day.  To use the expression of an era recently returned, “It’s everywhere!”
The Liberal Apocalypse
By Daniel Greenfield Full Story

imageIdeologies can be roughly divided into the moral and the economic. Moral ideologies seek to guide people in their individual behavior as they seek resources. Economic ideologies are concerned with collective control over how resources are gained and employed. Revolutionary movements are often linked with economic ideologies because resource redistribution is a primary motivator for political upheavals.

The left is both a revolutionary movement and an economic ideology, using the pretext of inequities to seize power in order to engage in economic redistribution. However the modern left’s actual agenda goes well beyond only seizing and redistributing material goods and financial holdings. Its goal is to completely control all human interactions in every form through political, cultural, social and economic tools.

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