Congress agrees that Obama is above the law

Congress agrees that Obama is above the law
By Lawrence Sellin Full Story

imageWhat can citizens do if their elected representatives sanction criminal activity by a President of the United States?

  • Not a natural born citizen? No problem.
  • Forged birth certificate? No problem.
  • Stolen Social Security Number? No problem.
  • Forged Selective Service registration? No problem.

One course of action is not to vote for anyone who is presently in Congress.

Am I recommending throwing the baby out with the bath water? You betcha.
European Demographic Suicide
By Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh Full Story

A recent interview with Neagu Djuvara, brought to the forefront the sad issue of cultural suicide by Europeans in the last thirty years. Statistical demographics prove that most western nations are not replacing their population at a rate higher than death rates and are thus galloping in the direction of self-extinction. The birth rate in various countries has dropped dramatically for Europeans while the birth rates of groups such as gypsies and immigrants from Africa and the Middle East are sky rocketing.
Unlikely Angel
By Jimmy Reed Full Story

Mama always taught us to treat others with dignity and respect until they deserved to be treated otherwise, for as she said, unaware to us, they might be angels. Her words rang true when I met a most unlikely angel: Sergeant Major Henry Dawkins.
Perpetual Media War Against Palin Exposes Imbecility of Mindless Critics
By Kelly O’Connell Full Story

imageSarah Palin’s relentless tsunami of criticism resembles nothing other than simple playground bullying. The colossal, genuine vapidity of the “mainstream media” in ginning up predictably lame attacks upon Palin is like a scene from Voyage of the Damned. The elites assemble into a menagerie of rabid beasts, like a stable of bleating, cawing, mewling, and braying critters blindly belching up hateful anti-Palin bromides. This illiterate choir presents a tale, told by idiots, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.
The Strategic Debate We Need To Have
By Jeff Lukens Full Story

The U.S. federal debt is our nation’s greatest strategic weakness.  As the debt continues to grow, our military posture around the globe is threatened.  Defense cuts are coming, and with that reduction must come a reduced mission.  In this environment, what our nation’s strategic mission should be, and what the corresponding defense funding should be to meet that need, are open questions.  They are questions that need to be openly explored by politicians and the American people alike.
The “Muslims First” Foreign Policy
By Daniel Greenfield Full Story

imageIn France, American embassies and consulates have been directed to “empower” Muslims and push for the passage of “social reforms” that will benefit them. In the UK, American diplomats were directed to again “empower” Muslims and made outreach to them a top priority. In Israel, the US consulate in Jerusalem caters only to Muslims and does its best to pretend that Jews and Israel don’t even exist. And when Obama visited Greece, what else did he do but push the political and religious authorities to open more mosques and Islamic schools. America’s own interests and our obligations to our allies have been put aside to focus on a single goal of overriding importance. Pandering to the Muslim world. It’s as if we have no other foreign policy goal anymore beyond keeping Muslims happy.

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