The Bounty Hunters of the Mainstream Media

The Smell of Politics Brings Out the Worst in Some People
By Jerry McConnell Full Story

imageThe smell of partisan politics is in the air; must be getting close to election time again, if you can describe 18 months as being ‘close’.

Democrats are, as usual, up to their old tricks again; rolling out the ancient and war-weary clichés and charges that Republicans are racists and geared up to prevent the “poor blacks” from getting to the polls to exercise their constitutional right to vote.  Only in these modern days, they now include the “depressed Hispanics” as well.
Obama’s ineligibility: Weiner government
By Lawrence Sellin Full Story

imageThere is very little difference between Anthony Weiner and the rest of our permanent political class. The Democratic Party is riddled with sleaze. The Republicans are hopelessly impotent.

Our politicians now deem themselves royalty, entitled to permanent power and privilege. They consider elections unpleasant distractions. They are tyrants more onerous than George III. Removing all of them is change that we can truly believe in.

Weiner’s misfortune was that irrefutable evidence fell into the hands of people outside of the political establishment and the main stream media (MSM).
Obama’s Inflation
By Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh Full Story

I enjoy shopping at my neighborhood grocery store. The shelves are always well stocked, there is a wide variety of food to satisfy even the most finicky palates, and prices are reasonable. Unfortunately, prices have steadily risen with each trip in response to the current administration’s expanding fiscal and monetary policies. My well-grounded fear is that shelves will be empty in the near future.
The Bounty Hunters of the Mainstream Media
By Judi McLeod Full Story

imageYou gotta’ love Floridian Peter Rice’s “Dear News Media” message to newspaper Sarah Palin ‘hunters’ this morning.

Rice’s letter draws the editors of the once mighty Washington Post up scathingly short.  The same could be said of the newspaper-gone-rag, in-the-Obama-tank New York Times.

What the Post’s “Get Sarah Mission” proves is that even on an even playing field with every comfort at their computer-calloused fingertips, reporters of the mainstream media long ago lost their groove.
America’s Funniest Bloopers by Presidential Candidates
By Humberto Fontova Full Story

“I don’t know? Does Cuba have a government-run health-care system?”  Imagine a secret tweet by Sarah Palin disclosing such ignorance.

But this was no secret tweet—nor an off-the- cuff comment. It was two-time Democratic Presidential candidate and current Federal indictee John Edwards speaking on the record at Iowa Caucus in August 2007. The comment was recorded by ABC News, where it languished all but ignored, withered, and finally perished. No “going viral” for this amazing boner by a (fully-declared) two-time U.S. Presidential candidate.

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