Media Witch Hunt Backfires, Boosts Palin’s Public Image!

By John W. Lillpop

With a sitting member of the U.S. House guilty of distributing self-serving pornography on the Internet, with the President of the United States guilty of several high crimes and misdemeanors, including an illegal war, for which he should be removed, and with the Democrat Party acting in unison to drive America into the moral and economic abyss of a third-world disaster, one would suppose that the e-mail doings of a former governor and failed candidate for the vice presidency would be of scant interest to mainstream media.

However, the personage of Sarah Palin always draws huge crowds, even if only for the purpose of ridiculing and dismissing the lovely lady from Alaska.

The great news is that the media lust for Palin- blood appears to have backfired smack dab back into the faces of the leftist lunatics who were salivating at the prospect of culling through Palin’s e-mail and finding evidence of corruption, greed, stupidity, political malfeasance, rampant scandal, and other juicy details that would send Sarah Palin into hiding until well after the 2012 elections.

It was a public lynching that the media were hoping to promote, and these jackals were betting all that Palin’s e-mail would lead them to the goodies, which they could twist, distort, and exploit in order to effect a brutal political assassination of a dreaded conservative.

Unfortunately for the dim-witted editors and reporters from the New York Times and other equally disgusting branches of the DNC posing as “independent” journalists, Sarah Palin is one of the few women in national politics with the courage and stamina to bark back at the so-called journalists.

She is also an honorable woman of integrity, unlike, say, Nancy Pelosi, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and other Democrat women who are nearly as despicable as they are dumb!

So after culling through boxes and boxes of Palin e-mails, just what have the Lords of Mistruth and Deceipt discovered?

Well, while Anthony Weiner, Charles Rangel, and John Edwards were busy photographing their own “junk,” evading income taxes, and using campaign contributions to cover-up adultery, Governor Palin was engaged in fulfilling her responsibilities to the good people of Alaska.

No corruption, no scandal. No crotch photos, no abandonment of one’s spouse dying of cancer for satisfying lustful matters of flesh, no tax evasion.

In sum, Sarah was just Sarah—Governor of Alaska, thank you!

Pity that the New York Times and other media whores wasted so much money on travel, living, and booze just to prove that Sarah Palin is exactly whom she claims to be: One hell of a good American!

John W. Lillpop
San Jose, California
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