Four Big Lies

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Four Big Lies

(Part 1 of 4)

“Obama Inherited this Mess”


At this very moment members of congress are trying to decide what pieces of America’s future they will trade away as part of a deal to raise the debt ceiling.  We’ve had the chance to talk with many of them.  And even most of those who claim to be on the side of fiscal responsibility are giddy with excitement that they can trade their vote on this debt ceiling “crisis” in exchange for a handful of magic beans offered by the liberals.


Our answer is simple.

It is not acceptable to use the future of America as a bargaining chip.

Do not raise the debt ceiling. 



In the coming weeks, you will be told 4 lies (at a minimum) by those who want to raise the debt ceiling.  The lies will be packaged and presented in many different ways, but in general they will all boil down to these 4 (remember them and don’t be fooled):


Big Lie 1

The current financial crisis was inherited.

Big Lie 2


There’s no way to cut enough spending. So we must raise the debt ceiling.

Big Lie 3


We can haggle for some really great deals now that we have them over a barrel.

Big Lie 4


You just don’t understand all of the complicated details. Let us handle it.

We’re smart.

In this four part series we will address each lie individually.  Look for parts 2, 3, and 4 over the next 3 days. (CLICK HERE to DONATE and help fight the lies.)


Big Lie Number One:


Bush created all of these problems.  We are trying to solve them but it’s much worse than we thought and it will take years for our solutions to have an impact.


There are numerous facts available to disprove this. But two of the biggest and best are:


Fact 1


President Obama increased spending and the size of government more than all previous presidents (from George Washington through George Bush)



President Obama created that problem and he should own it.

Fact 2


The number one, most important job of the House of Representatives every year is to create a federal budget. Under Nancy Pelosi (while Obama was in office) the House did not create a federal budget. They didn’t even try. They did, however, write endless blank checks for Obama to use on his wild spending spree.

The liberal congress created that problem and they should own it.


We are hitting the debt ceiling because they went nuts with the country’s credit card for the past 28 months.  It’s not someone else’s fault.  The problem was created quickly and it can be solved quickly by cutting spending and cutting up the credit card.  Raising the debt ceiling will only make it worse. PURE AND SIMPLE.  Don’t buy it when they tell you it’s more complicated than that.


Preaching to the choir doesn’t help us solve the problem.  In order to have a real impact we need to get this message to a bigger audience.


Tea Party Patriots Plans to Blitz the Media with our Message.


By putting Tea Party Patriots in front of cameras, behind microphones, in advertisements, and in print all over the country we spread the word to millions who will be inspired to act and make their opinion heard in the halls of congress.


We also bring together hundreds of local Tea Party Leaders every Monday night by conference call, and every few months at regional meetings.  These local grassroots leaders decide what issues we’re going to tackle, craft our strategies for success, and go back to their local groups to put boots on the ground.


In the past two years we’ve proven that we can very effectively rally millions to our cause when we need them.

And we need them now.

You might be surprised to learn how much money it costs to sustain an effort like this. Liberal groups like have annual budgets exceeding $31,000,000 (thirty one million dollars) at their disposal. Being conservatives, ours is considerably less.


But our accomplishments on a small budget speak for themselves.


We’re proud of our track record of good stewardship, hard work, and big results.

Your donations to Tea Party Patriots always go a long, long way to promote and preserve fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government, and free markets in America.


Make a donation now to support hammering home another Tea Party victory and save our country!


Thank you!




Mail Your Donation to:

P.O. BOX 220183
CHANTILLY, VA 20153-0183

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