Giving your online identity to Obama

Giving your online identity to Obama
By Judi McLeod Full Story

imageObama for America Campaign Manager Jim Messina’s “matched by a real person” big grassroots MATCH rally cry went over America like the proverbial lead balloon yesterday.

It must have because here is President Barack Obama himself taking over the lead in the Grassroots MATCH Campaign today.

“Someone is about to tap you on the shoulder,” Obama writes on an email, subject line of which “Someone you don’t know” was sent out into cyberspace today.
Socialism’s Army of Occupation
By Daniel Greenfield Full Story

imageThe most pervasive myth of the welfare state is the altruism of the public sector. In this mythology, the private sector is run by a bunch of greedy businessmen who get rich by making money off people’s misery. While the public sector is run by altruists who want nothing except to help those left behind by the private sector. Capitalists meet the Anti-Capitalists.

But actually it’s the public sector that does a much better job of making money off people’s misery. Some parts of the private sector do deliberately seek out ways to feed off poverty and keep their victims poor, most notably in the lending and financial services industry, but for the most part the private sector makes money off willing customers.
Useful Idiots
By Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh Full Story

During incipient communist regimes, the general population foolishly supported the wave of change that promised to fundamentally alter the balance of power and bring wealth and prosperity to the masses by expropriating and stealing from the “undeserving rich.”

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