Palin’s End Run

Was This Poll Taken in Washington, DC or Detroit?  Both Cities Much Worse Off Since Obama
By Jerry McConnell Full Story

imageFox News gets accused by the far to the socialist left in the United States for being too far to the right; but perhaps sometimes, especially of late, and long since Rupert Murdoch has climbed into bed with the Saudis, it definitely appears that the once staunch conservative network is scratching backs at the other end.

On Friday, May 20, 2011, a story on by Dana Blanton titled, “Fox News Poll:  Voters Say Country in Worse Shape, Still Expect Obama Will Prevail in 2012” made a lot of heads turn saying, “Huh?”
Obama’s background of mirrors
By Doug Hagmann Full Story

imageLooking into the background of Barack Hussein Obama can be compared to looking into a kaleidoscope.  The difference is that instead of seeing pleasingly colorful and symmetrical designs created by light and mirrors, one sees both the mirrors and mechanisms that create the illusion and the asymmetry of the resultant image caused by a deliberate miscalibration of the mirrors. Turning the tube, or attempting to discern the image, only causes more unpleasant distortion.
Pandering to morons
By Klaus Rohrich Full Story

It seems that Chuck (the rat) Schumer is at it again attempting to gain popularity among America’s less than salient citizens.  This time the Senator from New York, who makes Wyle E. Coyote seem like an amateur plotter, wants to investigate Big Oil Companies because he’s sure they’re ripping off hard-working American consumers at the gas pump.
Obama’s Global Incompetence
By Alan Caruba Full Story

imageAll Presidents have had to deal with events around the world that seemed to call for a military response, but it was President Eisenhower who laid down the doctrine to avoid what he called “brushfire wars”, outbreaks such as we have seen in Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Yemen, and, in particular, Libya.

Eisenhower had directed the defeat of Germany in World War Two as the Supreme Allied Commander before being urged to run for president. He would serve two terms and was doubtless the right man at the right time in the nascent years of the Cold War.
Palin’s End Run
By Lance Thompson Full Story

imageThe mainstream media have indignantly reported on Governor Sarah Palin’s barnstorming “One Nation” bus tour across the Eastern United States with sputtering speculation, crafty criticism, risible ridicule, and, as usual, insufficient insight. The reason for the media apoplexy is simple. Palin is the first potential national candidate to successfully demonstrate that today’s news organizations are yesterday’s news.
The Great Error of Israeli Normalization
By Daniel Greenfield Full Story

imageIsrael has celebrated its 63rd independence day, but it is a hollow celebration in a country that is less independent than it has been in decades. Rather than working within regional and global realities, its leaders instead fanatically pursue normalization and stabilization.

But normalcy and stability are illusions in the Middle East, as the past few months have reminded us.

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